LibertyCon Looms Large and Other News

That’s right kids, it’s almost time for LibertyCon again — this year in a new venue, the Chattanooga Downtown Marriot adjacent to the Chattanooga Convention Center. The current owners of the Chattanooga Choo Choo have made it fairly obvious they aren’t interested in continuing business with any of the three sci/fi and fandom conventions which have called it home for the past decade or so. The Marriot is a temporary home for Libertycon, as it is my understanding the convention will be contracting with the historic Read House Hotel next year.

I will once again be pushing my books in Authors’ Alley as well as sitting on a panel or two. It also seems I’ve been cemented in as part of the crew for the children’s masquerade again. If you attend LibertyCon often enough, you WILL be put to work. Just ask Brandy.

Here’s my updated bio and schedule for this year. I would say drop by if you’re in town that weekend, but the con has been sold out for a few months now. Still, if you think you’ll be in the Chattanooga area around the last weekend of June (when they usually hold it if it doesn’t conflict with other events at the same venue) next year, be sure to log on to and get your tickets starting as early as July this year. They sell out fast.

In other news, I have finished going over the edits for episode 2 of The Adventures of Pigg & WoolfeThe Truce. As soon as I get a satisfactory cover put together for it, I will upload it to KDP.

I have already received my first rejection letter in my current agent hunt. Truth be told, that’s all I would expect to get this early in the game. Most of the agency websites I’ve looked at tell potential clients to expect to wait 8 weeks or more for a reply. I plan to send out another wave of queries over this holiday weekend.

Happy Memorial Day to all my U.S. readers and followers.


The Great Agent Hunt Is ON


Well kids, this means the Waves of Darkness books won’t be back on the market as quickly as I’d originally planned. Rather than self-publishing the re-release, I’m going to make another effort to get them signed with a good literary agent. I already have a few queries out, and plan to keep sending them out until I get positive responses.

I hope to get episode two of The Adventures of Pigg & Woolfe cleaned up for release soon and artwork for the cover done.


In other news, I just learned yesterday that Wally, one of my two ten-year-old cats, is diabetic. We’ve been instructed to not give the cats dry food anymore. The carb levels in dry food are too high, and feline digestive systems simply cannot process them. There’s going to be a lot of research on what to do and not to do for him. I’ll have to teach my husband, who hates needles, how to give him his evening insulin shot. My job makes it impossible for me to maintain the shot-every-twelve-hours routine.