Hezekiah Grimm model Thomas Gunter (Model Thomas Gunter; courtesy of Invicta’s Art Photography)

Hezekiah came from a family of beekeepers in England. Having no desire to carry on the family business, he put out to sea in his teens. He soon turned to piracy, enjoying the freedom it offered over the servitude aboard a Navy ship or merchantman.

He signed on with Viktor as part of his first crew on the recommendation of Billy Black. While he had some misgivings about sailing under such a young captain (Viktor was 17 and Grimm was 25), he found Viktor to be fair and with a real talent for finding and taking fat prizes. He endears himself to his captain by warning him of an impending mutiny by some of the crew who will not see past the captain’s age. Soon, he finds himself as second mate and quartermaster.

An as yet unrevealed event led him to strike out as a captain on his own, and he earns his reputation as Reaper by sheer ruthlessness: anything or anyone on the prizes he takes which he cannot profit from goes over the side.

He rejoins Viktor’s crew as first mate after the demise/turning of Jim Rigger.

Hezekiah makes his first appearance in Blood Curse, the first book in the series.


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