Fresh Cargo!


(Image: Valencia Pirate Supply Store)

I finally got around to adding some new vendors to my Smugglers’ Cove and Hucksters’ Haven page. These are culled from the various business cards I’ve picked up over the years at the conventions I attend. Go check it out!

Bloody Vik Brandee Returns

I have finished the first draft of episode 36 of The Adventures of Pigg & Woolfe. Now I am ready to seriously work on a plot for the 8th Waves of Darkness book (as yet untitled).

I have several good story and scene ideas already. I just need to work out what order I want to stage them in.

Over the holiday break I also plan to work up covers for TAoPaW episode 7 and the mid-season omnibus. Look for both to hit Kindle in early January.

Attack of the Writer’s Brain!

The cats are for my mental benefit; they’re just a bonus for the rest of you. This pic was taken in early November. That’s the semi-shredded remains of the Christmas tree box they’re nested on. It will be stored in the garage from now on, or at least until we pick up some appropriately sized plastic bins to store the tree in.

As for the tree. It is up and lit, but I’ve only got a smattering of ornaments on it so far. I have yet to send out the first Christmas card.

Meanwhile, on to the writer brain attack. My mind has terrible timing. Some scene ideas I have for the next story arc of Waves of Darkness decided to unfold in overdrive this morning when I was supposed to be getting ready for work. Good but not good. Reason? My body either goes stationary or into pacing mode when this happens, and I’m unable to get anything else accomplished.

Anywho, I will share a few vagaries concerning this story arc. While the first story arc dealt with the Sisters of Power, this one concerns the Daughters of the Dragon, and ultimately with the Dragon, himself. I plan to take 5 to 7 books to tell this story. These will probably be the final books in Waves of Darkness. I don’t have any plans for a third story arc at this time.

I plan to have Viktor make more inland excursions during his cat-and-mouse game with the Dragon. Gonna be fun to see how Belladonna deals with that.

I also have some tension planned for Viktor and Hezikiah concerning Brianna. That was the scenario trying to flesh out this morning, and I’m getting really excited about it just writing this post.

Okay, I’m going to hush about that now. Otherwise I may reveal too much before publication. I’m that excited.

The struggle to get an agent to represent the earlier books in the series continues. Had a very pleasant rejection letter from an agent who was interested but doesn’t have the clout in the industry to sell previously published works. She did ask that I keep her in mind if I have anything similar which has not been published. I replied I would query her for book 8 if I haven’t found representation by then.

That may be the route I have to go to get the first 7 books back on the market: get readers hooked on Viktor’s new story line and hungry for his back story. This means book 8 will need to be spectacular. I believe I can provide that.