Weekend Update

In case you haven’t noticed, there is a new page in my navigation bar. Now I have a place to list all my books and stories, their reading order and publication dates, and purchase links (should you feel so inclined).

I got a little bit of writing done on book 6 over the weekend. Viktor’s adventures have taken him to western Ireland. Hezekiah got to have some fun.

I also got a good bit of typing done on book 5. Viktor had his briefest visit to New Orleans yet and got some encouraging news about his quest, for a change.

I didn’t get any artwork done, like I’d planned/hoped. Although I have more free time during the weekends I transition from day shift to night shift at work, I have to spend a good bit of that time napping to get my sleep pattern inverted.

On a note about my previous post, “Cow In Road”: the very weekend I posted that, my local paper discontinued printing the police blotter. How am I supposed to know if the cow got out now?

Finally, LibertyCon has posted their program scheduling. Here is my appearance schedule. Tamara Lowery bio.

If you are in the Chattanooga area the last weekend in June, come on by. The Chattanooga Choo Choo is sold out, but there are overflow hotels and 200 or so convention memberships still available. LibertyCon is limited to 700 attendees. I strongly suggest pre-registering if you wish to attend.

Cow In Road


It seems the cattle of Bradley County, Tennessee are escape artists.

One day a few months ago, I decided to read the police blotter posted in my local Sunday newspaper to see if I could figure out what their abbreviations mean. Even though I live in Hamilton County, the paper’s distribution area includes Bradley. They usually list the blotter for Bradley County, Cleveland, TN and Charleston, TN. I assume the listings would take up too much space to list Hamilton and Chattanooga, TN.

Anyway, I’ve noticed that at least twice a month, there are one or two police calls about a cow in the road at various addresses in Bradley County. This amuses me.

I have encountered a cow in the road once. A couple of decades ago in Evans County, Georgia, while riding around exploring the rural roadways, we spotted a young bullock on the side of the road outside the fence giving a sapling tree what for. It spotted our car and decided to give chase. Rowdy bugger.

In writing news, the MS for The Daedalus Enigma is coming along nicely. I have less than ten chapters left to write. I had been worried about how I could get a full chapter out of the plot point for the one I’m currently working on. One of my characters came to the rescue on that and let me see things from their point of view. This character has played a key support role throughout the series, but I never expected to be telling a potion from their POV.

I plan to hold a contest this summer to give away a couple of redshirt spots in this book. I haven’t worked out the details yet, but I will announce it here, on Facebook, and on Plurk sometime in the coming months.

There is also an almost-redshirt spot in Hell’s Dodo, which is due out around Halloween. That spot has already been awarded to the runner-up in a similar contest I ran last year for Black Venom, which came out last Halloween.

In health news, I had blood work done Friday in preparation for a doctor’s appointment next Friday. I’m hoping the numbers are enough of an improvement that my doctor will let me continue with the new insulin-free treatment regimen for my Type 2 diabetes. Since I stopped taking insulin glargine last December, I have lost weight and dropped a pants size. I would very much like to continue with this trend. Insulin makes you gain weight. This is the first appreciable weight loss I’ve had in years.

Finally, I finished sending out invitation messages today to the people who like my Facebook page but aren’t on my friends list. It took me a while to figure out how to access that list. Facebook likes to keep things confusing. These invitations and the group itself are part of my ongoing efforts to work around the impediments Facebook has been placing on pages that do not pay to promote their posts.

Anyone on FB is welcome to join my group. Participate or lurk as you prefer. I have opened it to members to share their own works, as well. I feel it is important to engage my readers as people rather than just see them as potential purchasers of my books.

Books, Yard Sales, Work Stress, and Other Things

Last week, my post was very short. Work had been stressful with worries that I could lose my job (this has been going on for a few months, actually), my Dad had just been admitted to the hospital, it was a holiday, and I just wasn’t feeling it.

This week has been an improvement. After surgery and six days in the hospital, my Dad is home and recovering. Woot! The same situation that has put my job in jeopardy is still in effect (and will be until August 4, 2016), but the stress from it has almost completely vanished. I don’t know how or why, but I am very grateful, since the stress had an adverse effect on my job performance. Finally, what little bit of holiday stuff we indulged in went rather smoothly.

When I went to get a Sunday paper last week, I encountered this woman buying scratch off lottery tickets. She seemed as tickled to have me take her picture as I was to see her bunny ears. I have no idea who she is. I just thought she was adorable.

convenience store easter bunny

I got a lot of typing done on Hell’s Dodo last week. I haven’t made as much progress on the rough draft of The Daedalus Enigma as I would have liked due to interruptions to my usual writing time during work breaks. Calling to check on Dad took priority.

I haven’t gotten any book work done this weekend like I wanted to. My wrist picked this weekend to flare up.

The rainy weather finally turned nice late Friday, so we went to yard sales Saturday. Two different neighborhoods near us had community sales advertised. We bought lots of Christmas stuff and lighthouse stuff (my husband’s main weaknesses at such events). This includes a lighted ceramic model of Ponce de Leon Inlet Light, one I have personally climbed and the second tallest US lighthouse. We found three pretty boxes: a carved wooden box, a pretty ceramic box with a peacock design on it, and a brass-decorated wooden box filled with frankincense and myrrh. I got a paperback copy of Frankenstein for a quarter (I’ve never read it). We got the three Family Guy star wars spoofs on DVD. I also found a DVD of a Steampunk movie I’d never heard of but looked interesting going by the blurb, cast, and cover art: The Adventurer: the Curse of the Midas Box. Lastly, we bought a couple of art glass dolphins, a lead crystal egg, and a couple of pretty sea shells.

I took advantage of the purchases to hand out my author card and plug my books. A few of the sellers sounded interested. My feeling is that people won’t buy my books if they don’t KNOW about them.

On that note, I realize I need to do a little more blog building and put up a page dedicated to listing my books and where they can be bought, as well as what order they fall in the series. Keep an eye out for that. Until I get it up, check the archives for my post to the same effect.

I also plan to find photos and add a few more character pages.

I have done a bit of preliminary sketches/studies to help solidify in my mind how I want my next book cover to look. I will share that in a future post.

That’s it for today, kiddies.

Book Reviews!



I finally remembered to check back with the NerdGirl website to see if the reviews had posted yet on the two books I’ve sent them so far.

Blood Curse, the first book in my Waves of Darkness series,  received a 4 star review on March 27th.


Demon Bayou, the second book in the series, also received a 4 star review on April 3rd!


Happy Easter

I hope that everyone is enjoying this beautiful Spring day.

It has been a good day for me, with the exception of the news I got this morning that my father is in the hospital awaiting surgery for an intestinal blockage. I’m just glad it wasn’t his heart again.