Brianna Belmont

Brianna Belmont Grimm

Brianna is the daughter of a widowed French merchant. She became the promised wife of Percival Worthing of Virginia, a wealthy tobacco planter with business holdings throughout the Colonies as well as abroad. It was a match made by her father without her prior knowledge or consent to seal a business deal.

She set sail aboard the packet Jolene for the Americas accompanied by her maid, Nicole, with whom she had grown up. The ship runs afoul of pirates near the Cape Verde islands. Viktor and crew come upon the two ships and take them both. During the encounter, Nicole is killed by the first pirate captain. Brianna and Viktor both deal deadly blows to the pirate; Brianna in vengeance for her friend, and Viktor for a past encounter gone bad with the pirate.

Hezekiah Grimm claims Brianna as his portion of the prize to protect her from the crew. Some months later, they wed and she bears him twins.

Brianna first appears in Black Venom, the fourth book in the Waves of Darkness series.