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Michael J. Allen Author of Murder in Wizard’s Wood: Bittergate, book 1 Facebook Twitter Mysterious killers and the Fey he’s sworn to protect besiege southern farmer and sorcerer Jebediah Shine with murder victims, threatening his family, freedom and magic’s deepest secret. Scions of Conquered Earth One young man caught between warring intergalactic powers must make a choice that could save worlds or ruin galaxies.

Kevin J. Anderson Author/Publisher Resurrection, Inc. It is the future — and the dead walk the streets … Resurrected by technology to become servants to the living And a murdered man brought back as a servant begins to remember … Inspired by the classic Rush album Grace Under Pressure Twitter Amazon

Arlan Andrews, Sr. Author/Futurist Future Flash, Silicon Blood, Valley of the Shaman Amazon founder of SIGMA

Jon Del Arroz Author Justified: The Saga of the Nano Templar Download your FREE copy at: and enter code QHM-FWD-QPG “The leading Hispanic voice in science fiction” ~ Patreon Twitter Instagram Amazon Goodreads Facebook

Diane Arrelle Author Sha’Daa: Pawns Goodreads Amazon Facebook Twitter

Larry Atchley, Jr. Writer 817-269-6838 Sha’Daa: Pawns Facebook Twitter

Marcus Brian Bankstone Author Memeber of the Crazy Buffet Club

Jeff Barnes Author Sha’Daa: Pawns Facebook

Paul Barrett Author Sha’Daa: Last Call, Sha’Daa: Pawns MoonDream Press

L R Barrett-Durham International Indie Author (256)627-9649 Epic fantasy, Sci-Fi Romance, Paranormal Romance, Horror, Children’s Classics Amazon Twitter Facebook

Calvin Beam Author Member of the Crazy Buffet Club Chattanooga Writers Guild

Annie Bellet Author Ghosts in the Mist short story Twitter Facebook Amazon

Candace Blevins Author Paranormal romance, with claws …  “What’s Your Safe Word?” serious romance. Serious BDSM Goodreads Amazon Twitter

K. B. Bogen Author Go Quest Young Man, Quest and Found, Surely You Quest The Misadventures of Erwyn, Journeyman Sorcerer Not Just Another Quest! “…this whole Journey business is going to drive me crazy …” Journeyman Sorcerer Erwyn has managed to survive the danger-packed first year of his travels, and made a host of new friends (and new enemies) along the way.

Getting through the second year might be a bit of a problem. Facebook Amazon Facebook

Gustavo Bondini Author Sha’Daa: Pawns Twitter Goodreads

David Boop 303-807-5107 Author – Editor – Screenwriter Novels: She Murdered Me With Science; Murdered In a Mechanical World; and Rippers Resurrected Anthologies: Straight Outta Tombstone; Best of Full Throttle Space Tales; Steampunk – the Other Worlds (ISBN 978-1622252534), The Black Bat Returns (ISBN 978-1936814978), and Night Lights (ISBN 978-0997329216) Facebook Twitter Amazon

Alma T.C. Boykin A Cat Among Dragons, Colplatschki Chronicles, Alexi’s Tale, Elizabeth of Bonatello Bend: book 2 of the Coplatschki Chronicles

Nick Braker Facebook

C. Scott Bragg Author The Nemesis Crystals, The Achilles Gambit books 1&2 of the Blade Files with Daniel Allen Butler Amazon

Morgan Brice (pen name for Gail Z. Martin) Witchbane M/M Urban Fantasy Paranormal Romance Twitter Facebook Youtube Goodreads wattpad FB Group

Brett Brooks Author Harmonia Champions of Elan book 1 Amazon Goodreads Twitter

Alexander S. Brown Horror/Paranormal/Steampunk author Available in print & ebook (sorry, no link available)

R J Brown Author/Blogger God’s Lil’ Adventurers children’s books (Sorry I can’t give the FB link. Do you have any idea how MANY “RJ Brown”s there are on Facebook?)

Robert Buettner Author The Orphan’s Legacy series Overkill, Undercurrents, The Golden Gate Live forever — or die trying When the world’s richest man is the victim of a car bomb and blown off the Golden Gate Bridge the attack is attributed to terrorists and the world moves on. But some still wonder.

Was Manuel Colibri targeted because he was about to make the eam that people alive today can live to be one thousand come true?

Two people are pursuing the truth, and it may cost them their lives . “Futuristic and imaginitive …a thrilling chase …terrific rollercoaster ride.”~ Gayle Lynds, New York Times best-selling author of The Assassins

Balance Point “Fans of classic military SF will enjoy the twists and uips …”~ Publishers Weekly “Buettner shows the Heinlein touch.”~ Denver Post Find these books at your favorite bookseller, and as eBooks at Baen Facebook Twitter Amazon

David Burkhead The Writer in Black Have Slide Rule, Will Travel Amazon

Burkshelf Press Mandy Burkhead, G.D. Burkhead Books available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, iBooks, and Kobo Facebook Twitter Mandy’s Goodreads G.D.’s Goodreads

Emilie P. Bush Author Chenda and the Airship Brofman Steampunk News, Steampunk Literature, All Things Steampunk, Free Podcasts

Ray Busler Author The Reproach short story

Daniel Allen Butler Author The Nemesis Crystals: Book One of the Blade Files , The Achilles Gambit: Book Two with C. Scott Bragg Amazon

Joseph Cadotte Author spino@sdluna 865-292-8973 Beyond Steampunk What if Adam and Eve really existed? What destroyed the Atlantis of the Sands? Was Stalin one of the undead? Stories of fantasy and science fiction await you. Explore the alternate history beyond Victorian England. Go beyond Steampunk. In the Land of Nod On a forgotten penal colony, on a moon that is actively hostile to human life and overseen by mad gods, two childhood friends separated by a cold war are reunited when they are sent to spy on each other. JANNAH STATION A Soft Murder A third of the way ahead of Earth in its orbit, the Station is a resort hotel for some of the Solar System’s wealthiest families and the people and bots who serve them. When the immortal chief financier of Jannah Station dies of an old heart, detective Faisel Werner must prove it to be murder, or chaos will consume the habitat. Job, Herself Fleeing a bloody coup, Rebecca Campbell hunts for vengeance as she tries to seize the throne from her mad brother, who is tightening his grasp on their asteroid kingdom. Facebook Amazon Twitter

Krista Cagg Author Twitter

A. G. Carpenter Author/Poet Brass Stars Amazon

Thomas K. Carpenter Author The Lorieme Job short story Facebook Twitter Amazon

Chayil Champion Author/Speaker Majesties of Canaan: The Goliath Project a Dark Spores novel Affiliated: Author’s Cut He didn’t believe in Heaven or Hell until it was too late … Amazon Facebook Twitter Instagram

Leo Champion Author Highway West Amazon Facebook Twitter

Karen Chance Author Ride the Storm Cassandra Palmer series “Exceptionally entertaining.”~ Locus “This isn’t just urban fantasy — it’s storytelling at its best.”~ SFRevu Twitter Amazon

A. R. Cook Fantasy and Historical Fiction Author The Scholar and the Sphinx series published by Mithras Books / Knox Publishing, LTD The Scale Seekers series

Jason Cordova Author Sha’Daa: Pawns Facebook Amazon Goodreads

Braxton A. Cosby Author, Entertainer, CEO Protostar, book 1 of the Star-crossed Saga. What would you choose: love or duty? As the Torrian Alliance continues its age-old mission of hunting down Star-children, King Gregorio Derry reluctantly agrees to send his only son, William, to planet Earth on a mission to bring honor back to the Royal Family name. The target: Sydney, a young teenage girl, unaware of her alien heritage. When an unforseen accident delays the assassination, William begins to realize a connection forming with Sydney and struggles to follow through with his orders. With the fear of Civil War imminent back home, William must make the ultimate choice between his irrevocable duty and love, sacrificing everything he believes. But as a hidden menace emerges to secure a vested interest, and impossible odds begin to mount against them, William and Sydney wonder if a connection between two Star-Crossed lovers is enough to save them from destruction. The critically acclaimed, breakaway YA, dystopian, Sci-Fi debut from award-winning author Braxton A. Cosby. Gold Medal Winner of Reader’s Favorite and Literary Children’s Classics Award for Sci-Fi Young Adult. Facebook Twitter Amazon The Red Gemini Chronicles Cosby Media Productions

M.C. Coward Author Outland Facebook Twitter Instagram Amazon Goodreads

Ed Crandell Author The West World Trilogy Amazon Twitter Ms. Keym Gnomon Chase

Crazy Buffet Club anthologies Crazy Buffet II: BBQ Edition A second helping of stories Thirteen Short stories by Nine Different Writers Calvin Beam, Elijah David, Gary Sedlacek, J. Smith Kirkland, Jerry Harwood, Joe Petrie, Kelle z. Riley, Marcus Brian Bankstone, Riley C. Shannon This year’s royalties will go to the Young Southern Student Writers contest

Jim Curtis “Old NFO” 703-929-8362 Nobody Asked Me … AuthorThe Grey Man Series: Vignettes – Payback – Changes – Partners; The Rimworld Series: Into the Green available on amazon under JL Curtis

Willie Dalton You’ll never guess what happens next … The Gravedigger series “My name is Helen Pierce, Hel, for short. I’m a gravedigger. Well, I was when I was alive, anyway.” – The Girl Who Digs Graves (Book 1) Facebook Instagram Amazon Twitter

Michael D’Ambrosio Author/Screenwriter Enter the Science Fiction World of Michael D’Ambrosio. Fractured Time trilogy, Space Frontiers, Pain series, Night Creeps Amazon Facebook

Stryder Dancewolffe Author Build-A-Universe Amazon

Doug Brotherofcats Dandridge Imagination Unlimited Science-Fiction and Fantasy Writer Twitter Facebook Blog

Sean DeArmond Author Beachfront short story

Elijah David Author Amazon Facebook Goodreads

Joseph W. Dickerson jdickerson@aberrantdreams Aberrant Dreams Speculative Fiction 2.5 Mile Photography Flickr

Dragon Authors Steven Brown & Erin Michelle Sky Authors & Consultants The Intuitives, The Wendy, Tigerlilja

David Drake Author The Far Side of the Stars Lt. Leary and Adele Mundy are back, With the Lightnings, and Lt. Leary, Commanding Amazon Facebook

D. G. Driver Author Cry of the Sea Mermaids are real! When three of them wash ashore during an oil spill, can Juniper Sawfeather save them from being exploited? Or killed? “This is a great, mold-breaking YA for those who want more from their books than just silly romance stories and sparkling mythical creatures. It’s a story of bravery, dedication, protecting all those things that are unable to protect themselves, and making a difference. An inspiring, insightful, powepowerful tale with great characters and interesting plot developments. I really enjoyed reading Cry of the Sea and would not hesitate to recommend it to teenagers and adults alike.”~ Bookish “Cry of the Sea was unlike any mermaid story I’ve ever read. It was full of intrigue, passion, activism with a great message and it had a satisfying end.”~ Tome Tender Amazon Facebook Twitter

Bruce Durham Author Sha’Daa: Last Call, Sha’Daa: Pawns, Poets in Hell, Rogues in Hell, Lawyers in Hell Amazon

T. D. Edge Author The Pressure of Esctacy [sic] short story Amazon

Meri Elena Author Nightfall Brunswick Prophecies book 1 Jason isn’t afraid of monsters. He is a native of Brunswick, the small town where the weird, magical, undead, and otherworldly live alongside humans in peace. What Jason does fear is middle school. To his relief, he makes a new friend immediately — Alex, a vampire and fellow Brunswickan. When Jason finds himself pursued by an unknown enemy with deadly intent, Alex and his formidable housemates take the man boy under their protection. It soon becomes apparent that the ancient prophecies they have been studying are inextricably linked to Jason’s current crisis.

On another continent, a teenager named Richie is desperately searching for someone who might explain why his nightmares come true and how to make them stop. An encounter with a werewolf almost ends his quest forever, but he is rescued by an eccentric stranger who believes Richie will be able to get some answers from the maddeningly elusive physician Sally Kitch. Someone, however, seems determined that Richie and Sally never meet. Amazon Facebook Twitter

Jordan Ellinger Author Sha’Daa: Last Call Amazon Facebook Twitter

S. Usher Evans Author, Blogger, Witty Banter Aficionado Double Life Book 1 of the Razia series Available for Nook, iBooks, Kindle, and Paperback

Margaret Fenton Author Fourth of July short story Facebook Amazon

Declan Finn Author Codename: Winterborn (w/ Allan Yoskowitz) A tale of love, redemption, and new meaning to “term limits.” It Was Only On Stun! a thriller. A Pius Man a holy thriller. Hell Spawn: Saint Tommy, NYPD book 1 Download your FREE copy at: and enter code WPG-CMX-XPS Amazon Facebook alternate website Blogspot

Marina Fontaine Co-founder & Admin. C.L.F.A., Contributor SuperversiveSF, Author Chasing Freedom and The Product Amazon

A. M. Freeman Teller of Tales. Weaver of Wonder. Writer of Fiction. 762-499-7994 Marymae and the Nightmare Man Marymae is just like any little girl: she has a family that loves her, and an imaginary friend only she can see. But when her friend disappears, and darkness spreads from the Forest of Make-believe. It will test how far one girl will go to save the worlds she loves. Amazon Facebook Instagram

Julie Frost That Werewolf Writer Who writes other things, too, on occasion. My company sends me all over, hunting things that go bump in the night. This job at Lake Tele in the Congo had been simple, for once. I knelt by the lakeshore, washing purple goo off before it stained, when a gigantic ripple surged over my forearms.

I jerked my head up …and up. And up. Holy —

That …was a dinosaur. An Apatosaurus, to be exact. The snakelike head dipped, and it sniffed me. Once. Twice. I’d stupidly left my weapons in the tent; if it decided I was food, I couldn’t do a blessed thing. But I swear it winked, and it seemed amused as it backed away and sank.

In our business, we believe in twelve impossible things before breakfast. Vampires, alternate dimensions, and ghosts are part of our routine. However, as the Apatosaurus disappeared beneath the water, I knew that none of my coworkers would ever believe this. Amazon Twitter Audible

Dr. Charles E. Gannon Author, Consultant, Futurist. Defense, Intelligence, Space, SFWA, SIGMA, Fullbright. Distinguished Professor of English, St. Bonaventure University. Winner: ALA Choice & Compton Crook Awards, Nebula-nominated bestseller

Michael D. Griffiths Author Sha’Daa: Pawns Goodreads

Richard Groller Author Sha’Daa: Pawns, Lawyers in Hell, The Warriors Edge Facebook Amazon

Tia M. Grubb Author The Lesser Devil a Horror Novel May the night protect you, as you protect the night! Goodreads Facebook Blog Amazon Twitter

J. M. Gruber Author Summer Forever short story

Laurell K. Hamilton Fan Club P.O. Box 190306, St. Louis, MO 63119-0306 Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter series, Merideth Gentry series

R. Kyle Hannah Science Fiction Author & Screenwriter Time Assassins, Assassin’s Gambit, Assassin’s End, and To Aid and Protect Twitter Facebook

Michael H. Hanson Author/Publisher Creator of the Sha’Daa apocolyptic anthologies Amazon Facebook

John G. Hartness Author/Publisher Falstaff Books The Black Knight Chronicles Hard Day’s Knight, Back in Black, Knight Moves In Charlotte, NC the tea is sweet, the cars are fast, and the good guys are vampires. Join Jimmy Black & Greg Knightwood as they battle trolls, zombies, Home Ec teachers and sunrise. This hilarious Urban Fantasy series has been compared to The Dresden Files & Buffy the Vampire Slayer. “Another great book in what will be a large and successful series. I know I will be eagerly awaiting the next installment.”~ Indie Book Blog, Bubba the Monster Hunter series, Quincy Harker Demon Hunter series Amazon Facebook Twitter Patreon

Sara M. Harvey Author. Costumer

Jerry Harwood Author Member of the Crazy Buffet Club Amazon Goodreads

Barry Hayes Author The Cycle of Ages Saga Finders Keepers A Most Unlikely Hero Kaladimus Dor, both dopey and dangerous, finds himself racing home across the sea aboard the mighty caravel, Nightfall. He must return with the secretive contents of the chest in his possession to his home island of Moor’Dru. Unfortunately, his disastrous nature shipwrecks him and the survivors on an island full of ravenous inhabitants, both living and undead. Dor allies himself with members of the Finders Keepers mercenary guild and others to search for the Hallowed Vessel, their only means of escape from the nightmare. Amazon Facebook Goodreads

C.J. Henderson Author Sha’Daa: Last Call Sadly, we lost C.J. to cancer a few years ago. His books can still be found on Amazon.

Kenyon T. Henry author of the series Chronicles of Stephen Facebook Instagram Twitter

Larry Hensley Author The Haunted House short story

Louise Herring-Jones Author “Queen of Steam” Dreams of Steam IV: Gizmos (Kerlak Publishing, 2013) “Bloodhound” Mirror Shards (Volume 2) (Blackmoon Books, 2012) Earl and Bubba Save the King” Summer Gothic (Jared Millet, ed., 2012) “Witness Protection” Mirror Shards: Extending the Edges of Augmented Reality (Volume 1) (Blackmoon Books, 2011) “Colony Earth Redux” Footprints (Hadley Rille Books, 2000) Amy L. Herring, 778 Carter Grove Rd., Toney, AL 35773 356-417-1531 Twitter Amazon Facebook

Jeremy Hicks Author The Cycle of Ages Saga Finders Keepers A Most Unlikely Hero Kaladimus Dor, both dopey and dangerous, finds himself racing home across the sea aboard the mighty caravel, Nightfall. He must return with the secretive contents of the chest in his possession to his home island of Moor’Dru. Unfortunately, his disastrous nature shipwrecks him and the survivors on an island full of ravenous inhabitants, both living and undead. Dor allies himself with members of the Finders Keepers mercenary guild and others to search for the Hallowed Vessel, their only means of escape from the nightmare. Goodreads Amazon Twitter Facebook

Sharon L. Higa Author Amazon Authors Guild of Tennessee Twitter Leaping Unicorn Literary (I’m not sure if the Leaping Unicorn is an author co-op or a literary agency.)

Jim Hodgson Writer of novels and not-novels Twitter

SFC (R) John F. Holmes Military Science Fiction – Space Opera – Fantasy – Detective – Action & Adventure; Creator, Power Point Ranger Comics; Irregular Scouts: Team One: Lost Boys Facebook Amazon Twitter

H.P. Holo Author Instagram Amazon Store Loot Facebook

Jacob Holo Author Time Reavers The monsters are real, and TIME is their weapon. Amazon Store Loot Facebook Instagram

Robert (G.R.) Holton 300 County Road 790, Etowah, TN 37331 423-435-6480 Award Winning Author, Actor, and Screenwriter Books: Deep Screams, Dragon’s Bow, Guardian’s Alliance, Soleri, SQUAZLES! and The Mob Screenplays: Blood Work, Deep Screams, Dragon’s Bow, Galaxy Watch, Teleported, and The Mob – A Woman’s Revenge Amazon Facebook

Lori Alden Holuta Author The Journey to Brassbright, The Steamkettle Kids Save the Day, A Life Invented, The Legend of the Engineer, Steamed and Steamy Facebook Twitter Amazon Goodreads (Lori is actually one of my online friends from the Plurk social media network. We have yet to attend the same conventions, but I hope we will someday.)

Gil Hough 865-789-5482 Author The Celestial Paladin, The Dark Heart of Power Facebook Twitter

Teresa Howard Science Fiction and Fantasy Author The Reluctant Empress, Dead in Me short story Amazon Facebook Twitter

Rob Howell Author The World of Shijuren The Kreisens, Book 1, A Lake Most Deep, The Eyes of a Doll Amazon Facebook Twitter

Sarah A. Hoyt Author A Few Good Men YOUR LIFE YOUR FORTUNE YOUR SACRED HONOR Did you think those were just words? Darkship Renegades Home is the place you fight for. Blog Facebook Twitter Amazon

Daniel Humphreys Author A Place Outside the Wild, Fade Paxton Locke book 1 Amazon Facebook Twitter

Walter H. Hunt Author 508-966-4977 Elements Mind Rt. Wor. Walter H. Hunt, Grand Historian, Grand Lodge of Masons in Massachusetts

Faith Hunter Author Broken Soul Jane Yellowrock returns. There is a vicious creature stalking the streets of New Orleans — and Jane has to figure out how to kill something she can’t even see. “Smart, sexy, and ruthless.”~ New York Times best-selling author Kim Harrison Goodreads Facebook Twitter Amazon

James A Hunter Ink Slinger Viridian Gate Online Imperial Legion Ad Victoriam Facebook Twitter Patreon Amazon Goodreads

James Ibson Mischief Maker & Teller of Tales Amazon Facebook Audible

Megan Ingram Author Wayward short story