The Adventures of Pigg & Woolfe

An international jewel thief, a justice-seeking mechanic, airships, intrigue, and a mysterious woman from a mythical flying island! Be sure to catch every episode of the thrilling new Steampunk serial THE ADVENTURES OF PIGG & WOOLFE!

Season 1:

Episode 1: A Chance Encounter


Episode 2: The Truce


Bonus episode omnibus only: Dressed for Dinner

Episode 3: In the Woolfe’s Den


Episode 4: Chase the Lightning


Episode 5: Peril in the Phillipines


Episode 6: Rendezvous in Hong Kong

TAoPaW6-Rendezvous in Hong Kong

Season 1: Episodes 1-6


Episode 7: Double Jeopardy


Episode 8: Chance and Fortune


Episode 9: The Italian Connection


Episode 10: Rescue at Sea


Episode 11: Ghost Riders in the Sky


Monograph omnibus only: The Aeropolis of Tunilia

Episode 12: Castle in the Clouds


Season 1: Episodes 7 – 12


The Girl Who Fell from the Sky: The Adventures of Pigg &Woolfe Season One (paperback only)


Also, you can order it from your local indie bookstore

Season 2:

Bonus episode omnibus only: Unrest in the Aeropolis

Episode 13 Airborne Alliance

Monograph omnibus only: Ghosts-of-the-Sky

Episode 14: Under the Mountain

Episode 15: Reversal of Fortune

Episode 16: Frustrations

Episode 17: Going Underground

Episode 18: Evade and Elude

Episode 19: Escape

Episode 20: Sanctuary

Episode 21: Message in a Bottle

Episode 22: Strange Bedfellows

Episode 23: Family Reunion

Episode 24: Berthing Assignments

Season 3:

Episode 25: The Canary Has Flown

Bonus episode omnibus only: Midnight Visitor

Episode 26: Truth and Consequences

Episode 27: Detective Work

Episode 28: Family Secrets

Episode 29: Organizing a Fox Hunt

Episode 30: Divided Forces I

Episode 31: Divided Forces II

Monograph omnibus only: The Council of Tunilia

Episode 32: Queen of the Nile

Episode 33: Foiled Again

Episode 34: Doom in Khartoum

Episode 35: Fly Me Away (not yet written)

Episode 36: The Fall of Tunilia (not yet written)

Season 4: (nothing written this far into it yet)

Episode 37: Aftermath