Commodore Nathan Critchfield

Nathan Critchfield commands the HMS Quicksilver, sister ship to Viktor Brandewyne’s ship Incubus (originally christened HMS War God). He was ordered to Colonial waters to squelch what remaining piracy still flourished to threaten English interests in the early 1770s. He had an arrangement with Brumble & Sons Shipping to deal in smuggled emeralds, an arrangement disrupted by Viktor’s taking of the sons and the emeralds. This leads him to hunt for Viktor specifically and brings him in contact with Samantha Brumble and later with Lady Carpathia.

Commodore Critchfield makes his first appearance in Silent Fathoms, book 3 in the Waves of Darkness series.

E0702J REYNOLDS 1493

(pictured: Cpt. Philemon Pownoll by Sir Joshua Reynolds, 1770)