Author’s Alley S-Z

The alley got too crowded, so I put in a second one.

Arthur Sanchez Author Sha’Daa: Last Call, Sha’Daa: Pawns Amazon

Cedar Sanderson Short stories available online, the novel Vulcan’s Kittens available in ebook and print. Twisted genres, good tales. “I love Vulcan’s Kittens and want the sequel NAO! That was absolutely the most engrossing book I have read in a long time. Seriously, I want the sequel.” ~ Stephanie Osborne, author of the Displaced Detective series.

J. Daniel Sawyer Author The Open Source Woman short story Amazon Twitter Podcast

Natalia Scalise Writer 951-237-3855 Source Publishing The Magical Journey to the Source of Love Ms. Scalise, a former Ukrainian, took a detailed dream she experienced and made it into a fairytale of sorts. Her son then translated the book to English. It also contains some very lovely, full-color illustrations.

Hans G. Schantz Join the Reactance! Changing the Culture One Story at a Time! The Hidden Truth, A Rambling Wreck

Jamie K. Schmidt Author Sha’Daa: Pawns Facebook Amazon Twitter Pinterest Goodreads

Dave Schroeder Author/Voice Actor/Publisher Xenotech Rising a Novel of the Galactic Free Trade Association SOMEBODY has to support all the new Galactic technology … Fifteen years after Earth joins the Galactic Free Trade Association the planet is flooded with alien technology. Somebody has to support all the new galactic tech and Jack Buckston, President, CEO and sole employee of Xenotech Support Corporation, does his best to keep his clients happy, find true love and prevent interstellar war. Xenotech Rising is a light-hearted romp and the first book in the Xenotech Support Galactic Free Trade Association series. “What can JPMorgan Chase do to help you gentlebeings?” said the chairman. “We come in peace,” said the tallest of the visitors, a lean, tiger-striped seven foot humanoid. “Live long and prosper,” said the shortest alien, a three-foot pyramid with an eye at the apex of each side. “Klaatu baroda …” began the third alien, a round, red-skinned being with a beard made of long, white manipulative tentacles who looked like a caricature of Santa Claus. “Cut the crap,” said the chairman. “Right,” said the tallest alien. “We’re from the Galactic Free Trade Association and we want to cut you in.” Amazon Xenotech Support

Alex Scott Author of Thresholds of the Grand Dream

Gary Sedlacek Author Member of the Crazy Buffet Club

Ingrid Seymore Author The Beaky Bunch short story Amazon Facebook Twitter Instagram Pinterest

Riley C. Shannon Author Member of the Crazy Buffet Club

Lydia Sherrer Author changing the world one story at a time. Musician celebrating fandom through music. Love Lies and Hocus Pocus series. Stories shape who we are. Are you ready to be changed? Facebook Twitter Patreon Youtube

Kal Spriggs Author Fenris Unchained Facebook Amazon Twitter

Star Line Books Independent Bookstore 1467 Market street, Suite 106, Chattanooga, TN 37402 423-777-5629

David Joel Stevenson Author/Vocalist The Surface’s End “…for fans of The Hunger Games or The Maze Runner, but it particularly carried me back to works like Brave New World …” “This book literally turns a new page on an old YA genre, and does so with excellent writing, and characters you’ll come to care about deeply. You’ll read it in one sitting and become anxious for the film to be released.”

Victor Boone Will Save Us “This is the best book I’ve ever purchased at a con! Victor Boone is not your typical hero at all!” “I didn’t know what to expect when I started reading this story, but I was hooked after the first chapter! I really enjoyed this book.” Facebook Manic Bloom

Kevin Steverson Author Savage Title Harmon Tomeral wanted to go to space. He couldn’t afford a ship, much less the cost of registering one. Where there is a will …there is a loophole. Amazon Goodreads Audible Facebook Twitter

John Van Stry Science fiction and fantasy stories. Amazon       Writing as Jan Stryvant Urban Fantasy stories on Amazon (Please note that these are two separate Amazon links.)

S. Andrew Swann Author Dragon Princess Frank Blackthorne’s last heist did not end well. The virgin survived, but the episode left Frank on the run from a kingdom fullof demon-worshipping cultists eager to replace their sacrifice.

So, when the Court Wizard of Lendowyn, Elhared the Unwise, comes to him intending to hire someone to save Lendowyn’s Princess Lucille from a knight-eating dragon in return for riches, glory, an escape from the cultists after his blood, Frank is rightfully suspicious. After all, who hires a thief to save a princess?

However, Frank is also in no position to refuse.

Frank’s rescue attempt goes even worse than expected, failing in an explosion of spectacularly misapplied magic. He’s left stranded in Princess Lucille’s body, halfway across the kingdom. To try and set things right, he will have to team up with an understandably angry Princess Lucille — currently the body of a dragon — and face down thugs, slavers, elvish bookies, knights in shining armor, erudite barbarians, an evil queen, and the Hordes of the Dark Lord Natlac. “Not funny! Not funny at all!”~ Elhared the Unwise “A stain besmirching my honor … it shall be avenged!”~ Sir Forsythe the Good “It never goes wrong in the way you expect.”~ Frank Blackthorne

Dragon Thief All Frank Blackthorne wants is a little vacation from being the princess. The involuntary swap in gender has been bad enough, but being a figurehead for the Royal Court of Lendowyn is becoming downright oppressive. In a fit of drunken self-pity, Frank turns to using a cursed artifact, hoping to become a man again, if only temporarily.

The good news is he becomes a man again, a kingdom away from the Lendowyn court.

The bad news is the man whose body he now occupies belongs to a notorious thief wanted by every kingdom in the known world. A man of ruthless ambition who has left unimaginable destruction in his wake. A man who Frank has inadvertently deposited in the middle of the Lendowyn court in the body of the princess.

Now he’s stranded, his only allies a group of outcast teenage girls convinced that he’s the legendary master thief Snake. He must get back to Lendowyn — avoiding the armies of thieves, mercenaries, and assassins after the bounty on his new head. “Is a fate worse than death really too much to ask?”~ The Dark Lord Natlac “Please! Not this again!”~ King Dudley of Grunwald “Why me?”~ Frank Blackthorne Facebook Amazon

Bogi Takacs Author These Secular Thoughts short story Patreon Twitter Instagram Facebook

Sean Taylor Bad Girls, Good Guys, and Two-fisted Action The writing blog of Sean Taylor

Julia Jones Thompson Author The Colors short story

Pepper Thorn Author finder All Sara wanted was her family back, but Faery bargains come with a price. Princess Rose and the Crystal Castle Princess Rose carries a dangerous curse. Everyone loves her. Amazon

T. Anthony Truax Author Sha’Daa: Last Call MoonDream Press

Seth Tucker Author, Bacon Enthusiast, Amateur Yeti Paparazzi Otherworldly Creatures Plaguing You? Winston & Baum Exterminators of the Strange & Weird A “Gaslight Fantastique” Adventure

William T. Vandemark Author A Splash of Color short story Goodreads

Tomar Volk Author The Mirrored Ends of Whitechapel Market short story

Sarah Wagner Author Sha’Daa: Last Call, Sha’Daa: Pawns Amazon Facebook

Mark Wandrey Author Etude to War Amazon Facebook Twitter

James I. Wasserman Author Sha’Daa: Last Call which is dedicated to his memory after his tragic death at age 31. MoonDream Press

Shannon West Books to keep you up all night Amazon Facebook

Bret Williams Author The Apparition short story Amazon

Tracy Williams Author The Ghost of Bear Creek Swamp short story Goodreads

Larry Williamson Author Nancy’s Jog short story Amazon

Michael P. Wines Author My Best Girl short story, Stupid Alabama Twitter

Leona Wisoker Author Sha’Daa: Pawns Goodreads Amazon Twitter

Justin Wood Artist/Writer Twitter Instagram Amazon

Christopher Woods Writer of fiction… teller of tales… professional liar… holder of the original BS degree 931-259-5542 Christopher Woods was born in 1970. Years reading novel after novel sparked his imagination to create worlds of his own. The Soulgaurd series is the product of that spark.

Soullord Colin Rourke has been hunted his entire life by a race of creatures that travel through portals to our world to capture or slaughter people. The Soulgaurd, armed with the knowledge of how to harness the power of the Soul, are all that stand in their way. They wage a secret war in the dark, unknown to all but a few. Colin, raised in secret by two legendary Soulguards, has almost reached the age where he can join the struggle. He has abilities unseen for a thousand years and his very existence is a catalyst that could start a conflagration, consuming the whole world. Can he and the Soulgaurd stop what is coming? Or will our world be enslaved by the race only known as Demons? Bloodlord

Janny Wurts Author Artist

Allan Yoskowitz Author (w/Declan Finn) Codename: Winterborn A tale of love, redemption, and new meaning to “term limits.” Facebook

James Young Author of An Unproven Concept: Kraken Omnibus Edition Aliens. Ballrooms. Carnage. “… a space opera that plays out on a grand scale…” ~ Pop Cults

Stephen Zimmer Author/Filmmaker/Publisher Seventh Star Press Dreams of Legends Book two of the Fires of Eden series. Dream of legends, and soar across Ave … Rayden Valkyre series Facebook Twitter Amazon