Coming Along

TAoPaw6-line-art The cover for episode 6 Rendezvous in Hong Kong is coming along. I hope to get it finished and the episode uploaded to Kindle by next weekend. I’m working a night shift this week, which should work to my advantage on this goal.

Thanks for your patience.




I forgot to post here that The Adventures of Pigg & Woolfe: 5 Peril in the Philippines went live on Kindle last weekend. I’ve also added the purchase link in Books and Short Stories.

I have the editing done on episode 6, Rendezvous in Hong Kong, but I haven’t started on the cover art yet. I’m working every weekend this month, and for the rest of the year, so new episodes may be sporadic in their publication dates.

Weekend Plans

I know, I know; I said I wouldn’t make any more promises about release dates and such.

I WILL be releasing The Adventures of Pigg & Woolfe: 5 Peril in the Philippines on Kindle by October 6th. I’ve already got it properly formatted and am well over halfway through the edits. I start on the cover art today.

I also plan to hit all the pertinent (writing/book promotions) FB groups I’m a member of this weekend with a new promo for this Steampunk serial. It will include purchase links and cover art along with this tagline: Indulge yourself in some cheap thrills this weekend with The Adventures of Pigg & Woolfe! Only 99cents per episode! Coming October 6th, Episode 5: Peril in the Philippines! Available only on Kindle.

Oh, and I’ve already thought up a contest to accompany the eventual release of the Season One omnibus. Something to look forward to.

That is all for now. evil-lagh

Another Episode Within a Week? Shocking!


The Adventures of Pigg & Woolfe: 4 Chase the Lightning went live on the Kindle Store today!

Do not expect this level of productivity on a regular basis, however. This was only possible for me because of a small shutdown at my day job that gave me 7 days off from work. Yes, I’ve written episodes for nearly three seasons of this serial. Only the first season has made it to second draft on the computer (first drafts are all handwritten). Also, the art for this cover had far fewer fiddly bits to color than the previous ones. On top of that, I’ll be working an average of 55 hours a week or more starting around the end of September and going through the end of the year. That will not leave much free time to work on editing, rewrites, or cover art.

Still, I will strive to get episodes out more frequently than I did with the start of this serial.

I’ve decided to permanently keep the price at $0.99 per episode, by the way.

Looking at the success of some of my fellow indie authors, I really need to start recruiting a “street crew” to help with promotions. I do have a few loyal fans already spreading the word, but I would love for this serial to really take off. I’ve had as much fun writing it as I had writing my Waves of Darkness series.

Oh, and you can always find the covers and purchase links under the Books and Short Stories tab in the menu. There is only one link per title with The Adventures of Pigg & Woolfe steampunk serial since I am publishing them through KDP.

I will continue to search for an agent to help me re-launch Waves of Darkness. Viktor has been much on my mind lately, and I may start plotting book 8 when I finish up with drafting season 3 of TAoPaW.

New Episode and a Price Drop!


The Adventures of Pigg & Woolfe: 3 In the Woolfe’s Den has gone live on Amazon Kindle!

Yes, I know I promised it a few weeks ago. I’m probably going to stop making promises like that, because every time I do, Real Life manages to make a liar out of me. Guess it’s one of the hazards of being a part-time author with a full-time day job. Also, there was a week delay because my coloring app ate the cover art project and I had to start over.

I am going to start prepping episode 4 later today. So hopefully the wait between episodes won’t be as long.

ALSO, I’ve decided to drop the price on all the episodes from $2.99 down to $0.99. Yes, I could earn a greater royalty percentage on the higher price, but that does no good without a decent volume in sales. I’m hoping more people will be encouraged to check out the serial with more affordable episodes available.

Oh, for those of you who are enrolled in Kindle Unlimited, you can read any episode for free.

Now go, buy and read! Don’t forget to share with your friends and encourage them to buy their own copies!

Research (or Why Google Is Good, but Math Is Better)


While working on one of the season three episodes of The Adventures of Pigg & Woolfe, I ran into the question of exactly how long would it take to travel up the Nile by steamship from Cairo to Khartoum. When I tried to find the answer using Google, I kept getting pages and articles about current travel routes and how long it takes to drive or fly the distance. I phrased my searches various ways, but the best I could get was an article about how long a tour company in the 1800s took to do the same cruise and stops it took nearly a month to do by sail.

This still was not helpful. I wanted to find out how long the trip would take non-stop.

I ended up looking up how far up the Nile Khartoum was from the Mediterranean, then how far up the Nile Cairo was from the Mediterranean and subtracted the latter from the former to get the distance between the two cities. Next I looked up the top speed a steamship could make upriver (against the current). I got the miles per hour (5 knots) and divided the distance by this. Finally, I divided that result by 24 hours.

My conclusion was that a non-stop trip from Cairo to Khartoum by steamship would take approximately 14 days at the very least. I realize this isn’t entirely accurate, since a nautical mile is different from a land mile. Still, for my purposes, it’s close enough.

Who says you will never have to use algebra after school?

I will hopefully have episode 3, In the Woolfe’s Den up on Kindle by next weekend.

More Progress Than Expected

Would you believe I only just learned this week how to manage this site from my phone or tablet? I could kick myself for not trying it earlier, although my first attempt was a bit frustrating. I didn’t know I had to have the WordPress app to sign in from either of these devices. I tried doing it from my web browser and got the message that my email wasn’t valid. I’ve had this site for around 4 years, so I knew I’d used the correct email. Just had to dig around in Google a bit to figure out what I was doing wrong.

Since then, I updated the page for The Adventures of Pigg &Woolfe.

Speaking of, I’ve started edits on episode 3, made plans for the cover image, and am currently writing episode 34. Yay!

I also finished reading 2 of the books I purchased at LibertyCon. Zombies Ate My Homework, book 5 of the Authors and Dragons presents Shingles series. This one is by John Hartness. The series is a spoof of the Goosebumps Series and is written by some of the most hilariously not-right-in-the-head authors I’ve ever met. As the end of the blurb on the back says, this book is rated Not Safe for Anything.

The other book is Thieves’ Quarry, book 2 of D.B. Jackson’s Thieftaker Chronicles. I am seriously considering ordering the next in the series from Amazon, since I won’t be able to pick it up at LibertyCon next year. The stories take place in Colonial Boston on the cusp of the American Revolution, in the 1760s. One of the nifty things about this for me is that it’s only a decade earlier than the time frame for my own Waves of Darkness series. Of course, David’s stories have a greater depth of history. He holds a degree in the subject. (Yeah, I’m a little jealous of his skills.)