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Badlands Plot & story: Logisitcs: “In Veritas, the spirits may know…” Ever had a hankering to rob a train? Work great medicine with the spirits of the land? Mine for gold? Play some poker with sodbusters lookin’ to change their luck? Well Pardner, the Badlands might be the place for you… Badlands is a supernatural wild west LARP based out of the eastern Tennessee region. Come join us for an exciting blend of guns, loco science, and sorcery.

Carolina Game Tables Clint Black 828-409-1040 Jodi Black 828-409-0959 940 Tate Blvd. SE Suite 108, Hickory, NC 28602 A Variety of Sizes, Styles and Finishes Shipped Direct to You!

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Extra Life Play Games, Heal Kids JOIN THE MOVEMENT Benefiting Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals Extra Life engages gamers in a 24 hour gaming marathon each Fall. Participants raise money to support their local Children’s Miracle Network Hospital. If you want to be part of the fun this year, signing up is easy and free. Go to to register. You can play any game on any platform from the comfort of your home – even tabletop games! While Extra Life Game Day is only one day, you can play any day or time that suits your schedule.

Game On Chattanooga 7510 Lee Hwy. Suite 7 & 8, Chattanooga, TN 37421 423-602-5800 Board Games – Card Games – Miniatures – RPGs and More Facebook

Girls of the Con (GotC) Professional cosplay Facebook Deviantart Tumblr

Goodman Games Brett Brooks, Customer/Retailer Liason & Convention Rep 2784 Homestead Rd. #162, Santa Clara, CA 95051

Infinity Flux Jason Mink, Proprietor 3643 Hixson Pike, Chattanooga, TN 37415 423-591-5689 Cards, Comics, & Games Facebook EBay Twitter

Inside Out TTRPG horror zine Facebook Twitter Kickstarter

Metagamesinc 2017 Zac Miller Facebook Twitter Flickr

Anita S. Moore terrain builder, artist, owner Foofighterubu Wargame Terrain Studio Facebook Etsy

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NerdBurger Games LLC Craig Campbell Owner and Designer Spread the nerd! Lucky Dino-Robo-Pirates *Uses a deck of playing cards. *All players describe their robotic dinosaur pirate and give them a name. a player introduces conflict. *Everyone plays their character. everyone is the GM. *When your character has to do something but could fail, flip a card. *The suit determines HOW your character tackles the problem. *Hearts: You get (un)lucky. *Spades: You do dinosaur stuff. *Clubs: You do robotic stuff. *Diamonds: You do pirate stuff. *Pip value determines success/failure. *2-6 fails. *7-10 succeeds with a complication you describe. *J-A succeeds. *Jokers are wild. *Other characters solve your complications. *The story ends when you reach a conclusion or you run out of cards. Twitter

Nocturnal Pirates of Atlanta Find us on Facebook Lorenzo DeLa-Cruz Rodriguez, Captain; Lady Franchette, First Wench

OneBookShelf Sean Patrick Fannon Publisher Relations and Marketing

The Patchwerks Custom Retrocades Hal Meyer Proprietor 423-838-9999 Giving new life to old furnishings with a retro arcade twist! Call or go online to get a quote – you can purchase a prebuild, or we can convert a piece from your own collection. Facebook

The Phoenix Nest Facebook

River Valley Rage LARP/Underground Theatre Werewolf the Apocalypse Vampire: the Masquerade Facebook WordPress

Saga Born A simple D20 roleplaying system. Download free. Drink & Dungeon an RPG webcast

Sparetime Entertainment Games. Lanes. Food. Fun

The Sprint a game of high stakes agile development

Time to Escape The Escape Room Experience 432 Market Street, Chattanooga, TN 423-414-2527 Escape Rooms: Sabotage:1944, Locker Room Lockdown, Secret Agent Close to the Convention Center

The Way of the Larper their fate is in YOUR hands Facebook

Wintertree Software Jean McGuire 803-642-5220 Exercise your imagination, not your dice-rolling hand.