The Daedalus Enigma

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The sixth Sister of Power presents pirate-turned-vampire Viktor Brandewyne with his greatest challenge yet.

Circe proves not only hard to reach: but the quest she sets him is fraught with peril from the very start. He must brave a labyrinth to retrieve a puzzle box. He then must revisit each of the Sisters he’s already faced. Five pieces of the box were dispersed among them by order of the Elder long before Viktor was even born.

The completion of his quest is further barred by a sea dragon, the ultimate form of a male siren, who seeks to claim Belladonna as his mate.

Before all is done, Viktor will lose someone very close and important to him.

He also has to survive Circe’s powers; for she is the same witch from the Odyssey, with the power to turn men to beasts.

The Daedalus Enigma is the sixth book in the Waves of Darkness series. It first saw publication in late Fall 2016 and placed 9th in the Horror Novel category of the 2016 Preditors & Editors Readers’ Poll. It is currently unavailable but will be re-released with a new cover and new publisher at a future date TBA.


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