Captain’s Log: ConNooga XIII

The ladies of Patronum Delicioso

Who says 13 is unlucky? This was one of the best conventions the folks at ConNooga have put on in the last few years. The Authors track, particularly, has improved this year, and is reviving from the slump it went into after Robbie Hilliard resigned from the directorship of it a few years back. Gil Hough stepped into the position this year and put a lot of work into it. Next year looks to be great, as well.

There was a little confusion Sunday, when all the panels for that track were moved from the Convention Center over to the Chattanoogan Hotel. Todd, the convention chairman, explained that he was trying to get more foot traffic to the hotel, since the convention has use of the space for the whole weekend. Up until this year, mostly adults-only panels were held in the hotel. He plans to put more daytime panels there next year.

As one of my convention friends pointed out, there was a wider range of fandoms present this year, as well. A couple of times in the past, the con was dominated by Anime and Disney cosplay. This year had so much more: the usual Mandalorian Mercs locking people up for charity, the smattering of Marvel and DC characters, the Doctor in at least one incarnation, Potterverse characters (as evidenced by the feature photo on this post), some rarely seen (in Chattanooga, a Star Wars town) Star Trek people, random vampires and pirates, and a few medieval costumes. There were even an alien abduction and a Deadpool/Pikachu.

As you can see, a good time was had by all.

I plan to post in the next few weeks about some of the tips I picked up in the Authors panels. I hope to be on some panels next year.

New Additions!

under construction

Been doing some catch-up on updating site pages. So far, I’ve added more authors to all three Author’s Alley pages. These are gleaned from business cards I’ve collected at conventions as well as additional links discovered on Google. Different people put or omit different info from their cards. For all concerned, any phone numbers, mailing addresses or email addresses are gotten from the cards or an author/artist/business’ website. In other words, if they didn’t make it public, neither did I. 

This latest lot are from cards collected at Chattacon 45 and from LibertyCon last summer. Yeah, I’m a horrible procrastinator.

As I get time, there will be new info/listings added to most of the other pages under the Smugglers Cove and Hucksters Haven heading in the menu.