Draeyger Woolfe

Draeygar Woolfe

Draeyger Woolfe has a reputation as a world-class jewel thief, although he prefers the term freelance acquisitionist of fine gems and objets d’arte. He also frequently points out that though he might be a thief, he is no murderer. He prides himself on being able to pull off a job without having to use lethal force.

Interestingly, some of his heists are legally sanctioned. His reputation is such that he is often commissioned to test security systems. He intended to use this as a cover for the theft of the Canary’s Eye diamond, if necessary. He had been hired by Thurston Wyndham, the diamond’s owner, to steal. However, this was for the purpose of collecting the insurance on the stone rather than to test his security system.

The problem was, Wyndham failed to pay him after collecting said insurance. This left Woolfe with a stone too recognizable to sell without recutting it. Therefore, he went on the hunt for his erstwhile employer.