Housekeeping and Moving the Furniture

I’m a bit behind on maintaining this site this year. About a week after Chattacon I had a head cold. I refuse to say it was con crud, because I didn’t witness anyone with symptoms at the con. Nor did this set in immediately after. I most likely caught it at work.

Anyway, due to the lack of good sleep this caused, plus the book hangover of publishing the season 2 omnibus and the first season 3 episode of The Adventures of Pigg & Woolfe so close together. I had a hard time getting my publisher/author mind to focus on what next. When I realized I still haven’t added a purchase link for said episode (The Canary Has Flown) I also realized I really need to reorganize the Books and Short Stories pages.

I plan to change the page for TAoPaW to a series parent page and give each season its own page. Otherwise, readers will be scrolling excessively to find the most recent episode. I may do something similar for the Waves of Darkness books, as well.

I am going to start creating the cover for the next episode, Truth and Consequences this weekend. I have also gotten a head start on the season 3 omnibus, Diamond of the Mind, putting all the episodes together in one document. I still have to place some of the bonus material. Line art of the episode covers, which didn’t exist in a proper format for the 2nd season, is making a comeback for season 3 and will be added during final formatting.

I need to replace the cover on Amazon for Turmoil in Tunilia. Found a glaring typo on the back blurb, plus I want a better name placement on the front. The current placement looks to asymmetrical for my taste. Amateurish: which can hurt sales.

I intend to start on formatting and final edits on Black Venom this weekend. I actually finished the previous round of edits and revisions at the doctor’s office the day before Chattacon started.

Speaking of conventions, ConNooga is just around the corner. While I didn’t see the sign-up form for the writing/literary track in time to secure a hallway table spot and a full programming schedule, I did manage to get on a couple of panels: one Friday and one Sunday that weekend. The convention is at the Chattanooga Convention Center, February 17-19. If you don’t catch one of my panels or see me wandering the con, I’ll probably be hanging out with Con Mommy at the info desk. That’s where I’ll park my book bag while visiting the dealer hall. I don’t have a dealer badge, therefore I will NOT be pushing my books in there. I like this con and don’t want to get banned.

In other housekeeping news. Maybe I’ll get finished taking down the Christmas tree. It’s been up since 2021.

Finally, for those of you who haven’t seen it on my other social media, I did my very first drawing of Hezekiah Grimm. I’m surprised I haven’t drawn him before, considering he’s one of the characters who have been in my head since 2006. I’m still not satisfied with the portrayal. He needs to look more weathered, given how long he’s been at sea.

Captain’s Log: Chattacon 48

This was a particularly good year for everyone in the Dealers Room. While I still didn’t make table (never have, to be honest), I came close. One more book sale would’ve put me over the top.

Of course, I spent that on other things before the convention was over: some new necklaces, a sassy cat figurine, a new tiara for my collection, and started rebuilding the McCaffrey portion of my library.

Please ignore my dishevelment

I was on 3 panels Saturday and touched base with Jerry Harwood about getting on panels for ConNooga next month. I’ve also secured a table for Chattacon 49 next year.

The masquerade was a blast this year, if a little lighter on entries. The Syrens of the South put on a fun show during the judging intermission, insisting on audience participation. This is why I stayed in the back of the room. I’m no longer flexible enough for bellydancing.

The cutest entries

I missed getting to hear the Molly Maguires. Sleep took priority. This meant I also missed the “Once More with Feeling” sing-along. Getting older sucks sometimes.

I was productive as well. I finally got the story flowing again on the season 4 episode of The Adventures of Pigg & Woolfe I’ve been working on a while. I’ve been trying to figure how to handle having some characters traversing Kathmandu on foot to avoid their airship being detected. I also did a new character study of Belladonna. I’m not pleased with the upturned face portion of it. That is still a difficult angle to get right.

I do like the 3/4 angle one, though.

I think that’s it for now.

All Aboard! Prepping for Chattacon!

Chattanooga’s oldest SFF convention is about to leave he station. Chattacon runs January 13th (FRIDAY THE 13TH) to the 15th at the Doubletree Hilton. This show’s been running since just before I turned 10. (Do the math.)

While I will have copies of all three Waves of Darkness titles currently available and all of 3 copies of The Girl Who Fell from the Sky: The Adventures of Pigg & Woolfe season 1 omnibus, I will not have copies of Turmoil in Tunilia: The Adventures of Pigg & Woolfe season 2 omnibus. I published and ordered copies on January 3rd but will not receive them until about the 23rd. You can get copies on Amazon. I set the price at $10.95, but Prime probably allows them much cheaper.

I am updating the Appearances page with my schedule for the convention programming.

Book Sale, Formatting, Fighting with My Phone, and Other Mayhem

This is the first time I’ve enrolled in Smashwords’ End of Year eBook Sale. I listed the Waves of Darkness books at half-price. This makes them $1.99USD per title! The sale ends January 1st.

I have finished formatting the 2nd season omnibus for The Adventures of Pigg & Woolfe, titled Turmoil in Tunilia. I still have to design the cover, which will be a different format from either of the two preceding seasons of covers. Another difference between this book and the first season omnibus is I am not including the individual episode covers. Since I used a different method of producing them than the first season, I don’t have B&W versions available.

I hope to make this book available on Amazon before the New Year. Price will be $12.95USD.

I’ve been editing/revising the manuscript for Black Venom: Waves of Darkness Book 4 on my phone during work breaks. I know I have to deal with getting the bloody thing to load with the craptastic signal I get at work. What’s been particularly frustrating, though, is the manuscript jumping ahead or back at random while I’m working on it. My breaks are only 10 minutes, and it really sucks having to scroll several chapters to find where I was. It eats up most of the break. Hopefully, the recent update on the Office 365 app will fix that. This is the only MS this problem has occurred on.

In other mayhem, I finally restrung my guitar! I still don’t have it fully tuned right, and I’m years out of practice. Heck, it’s been years since I first said I needed to do this.

Meanwhile, I have spent a ridiculous amount on getting copies of Silent Fathoms: Waves of Darkness Book 3 into my grubby hands. The first time I ordered them, I made the mistake of using basic/economy service and shipping. I figured I had time between then and Chattacon. Apparently, they got lost in the mail, so I’ve filed a lost mail claim. I reordered using quicker processing and shipping, which cost more. Those arrived promptly. If the USPS can’t find the original package, I’m out $90.

Happy Holidays to all who celebrate!

Catching Up

I feel like a neglectful parent. I only just realized it has been two months+ since I’ve updated the landing page for The Adventures of Pigg & Woolfe.

I have corrected that oversight and added the cover art and purchase links for both October’s and November’s episodes.

I intend to begin formatting the season 2 omnibus, The Adventures of Pigg & Woolfe: season 2 Turmoil in Tunilia during the Thanksgiving weekend. (I haven’t gone out among the shopaholics for Black Friday since I was forced to working retail back in 2009. Worst case of flu I’d had in years because of that.)

Speaking of holiday shopping, I am bringing back my Take a Pirate Home for Christmas campaign on all my social media. I also intend to have a SALE!!!!!!

From Cyber Monday, November 28th, through Sunday, December 4th, all available titles in the Waves of Darkness series will be only $0.99USD for the eBook format on Amazon, Smashwords, and Google Books! (Provided I don’t run into trouble setting this up with any of the platforms. If I do, I will post here and elsewhere which ones aren’t supporting this sale.) I intend to do this every year.

Now, if I can just find the right sized Santa hat to put on my pirate skull for the promo pics.

A Bumpy Ride

Silent Fathoms: Waves of Darkness Book 3 is now available for purchase.

This was not as smooth of a launch as I hoped, but it is done. I didn’t receive the eproof for approval of the print format until the last minute. Also, due to Amazon requiring a set number of days before the ebook going live to do a pre-order, it didn’t go live on KDP until today. It went live on Smashwords and Google Books yesterday, on schedule. I will upload it to GOATreads this weekend.

I will update the book’s landing page this weekend, as well. Purchase links will be added as they come available.

Meanwhile, I have to get this month’s episode of The Adventures of Pigg & Woolfe ready for next Tuesday. I also need to start stitching together the season 2 omnibus, Turmoil in Tunilia.

I have started the edits/revisions on Black Venom: Waves of Darkness Book 4, and I already have a wicked cover concept to submit to my cover designer for it.

No rest for the wicked. I have convention prep for next year to do, as well. I have to submit an updated biography and links to the newest books to Rich Groller, LibertyCon program director. I need to renew efforts to contact ConNooga’s head of the author/writing track to get on the program and get table space in the hallway. I need to get on the program for Chattacon (I already have space in the Dealers Room).

I do have the Waves of Darkness books I’ll need for Chattacon ordered, so no last-minute scrambling. The fun will be getting Pigg & Woolfe ready and in hand on time.

Now you understand why I’ve never bothered with NaNoWriMo. Oi.

Cover Reveal

Just received the cover art files for Silent Fathoms: Waves of Darkness Book 3 this morning! The release date for this 2nd edition book is November 8, 2022. I may make it available for pre-order on some platforms.

I want to extend a thank you to my cover designer, Fatima Sadiqqa. This is the 3rd cover I’ve commissioned from her and my favorite so far. I’m really glad I learned about Fivver at LibertyCon a few years back.

I’m pricing the paperback at $16.95 USD and the ebook at $3.99 USD. Since I’ll set the print option up with a wholesalers’ discount, the actual purchase price will be up to the individual book sellers.

Trying to Stay on Course

I was a couple of days late uploading the latest episode of The Adventures of Pigg & Woolfe, but I did get it out this week. Episode 21 Message in a Bottle is live on KDP now.  The link is on the page for the series under Books and Short Stories in the menu.

I’m approaching completion of formatting the ebook edition of Silent Fathoms for its re-release in November. I still have to add an About the Author section and a Other Books By section in the after matter. Then I have to start on the print formatting so I can have the cover done in a reasonable time frame, for a change.

Once I finish that formatting project, I need to start formatting the print omnibus for the second (current) season of The Adventures of Pigg & Woolfe. I have to come up with a title, as well.

I still haven’t started plotting the 9th Waves of Darkness book. Oi.

Chugging Slowly Along

I’m not making as much progress on formatting Silent Fathoms: Waves of Darkness book 3 as I’d like. I will try to make time to at least finish the ebook formats this weekend. No promises, though.

Meanwhile, I updated the purchase links for Demon Bayou today. Hop over to the book’s landing page and check it out.

I’m also thinking of doing a giveaway for the audio book of Blood Curse sometime soon. I still have several freeby codes for the U.S. market and all 25 for the U.K. market. I really want the audio to take off, so I can get the rest of the series put into that format.

That’s the news for now. Maybe I’ll finally restring my guitar, too. (Been threatening to do that for several years now.)