Hell’s Dodo


Viktor Brandewyne finds himself tasked with finding the most flighty of the Sisters of Power. He tracks her from New England to the ends of the earth. She sets him the task of retrieving three things as the price for a portion of her magic: a dragon’s egg, a dodo’s egg, and a drop of blood from the Daughter of the Dragon, one of the few beings capable of killing him.

Lady Carpathia has her own agenda concerning Viktor. Though she comes to realize just how dangerous he is, she still hopes to seduce and use him to overthrow her master before she ultimately destroys the pirate-turned-vampire.

Fraught with danger, Viktor’s chances of surviving this quest are almost as slim as those of him completing it. How can he acquire the eggs of a mythical beast or of a creature that has been extinct for nearly a century?

Hell’s Dodo saw publication in 2015 and is book 5 in the Waves of Darkness series. It placed 6th in the Horror Novel category and 10th in the Science Fiction/Fantasy Novel category (the first of this series to place in this category) in the 2015 Preditors and Editors Readers Poll. It is currently unavailable but will be re-released with a new cover and new publisher at a future date TBA.



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