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Poppy Jackson Author Imaginary Facebook

Stuart Jaffe Fantasy Knows No Bounds Author The Way of the Black Beast

Robert T . Jeschonek Author Tijuana, Massachusetts short story Facebook Amazon

Les Johnson Author, Speaker and Space Technologist. Turning science fiction into science fact. On to the Asteroid (w/Travis S. Taylor) Going Interstellar (editor w/Jack McDevitt) Harvesting Space for a Greener Earth (second edition)(w/Greg Matloff and C Bangs) Facebook LinkedIn(lesjohnson1) Twitter@LesAuthor

Suzanne Johnson Author All the Good I Could short story Amazon

JD Jordan Author Calamity: Being an account of Calamity Jane and her gunslinging green man Get sample chapters, reviews, & companion story, a guide to Jane’s notorious saddle slang, and more at Calamity is available wherever paperbacks & ebooks are sold. “Jordan’s weird western snatches the best adventure and suspense elements from both genres and distills them to their essences, creating a violence-laced but enjoyable romp.” ~ Publishers Weekly

Paula S. Jordan Author Twitter Facebook

Andrea Judy Freelance writer and editor Twitter

Alex J. Kane Author An Apocalypse of Her Own, One Day short story Amazon

Chris Kennedy Author/Publisher “Science Fiction with a Side of Fantasy” Red Tide: the Chinese Invasion of Seattle, Occupied Seattle, Jannisaries, When the Gods Aren’t Gods, Terra Stands Alone, Chasing a Spectre, Can’t Look Back, Self-Publishing for Profit Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn Instagram

Darin Kennedy Author Donaghy Literary Group The Mussorgsky Riddle

Joan Kennedy Author Family Ties short story

Susan Kite YA author Author of My House of Dreams (historical fiction); The Mendel Experiment; Blue Fire, Mendel Experiment part two (science fiction); Power Stone of Alogol, Mendel Experiment part three; and Haunted Houses & Terrifying Tales (horror anthology) Facebook Twitter

MJ Kobernus Writer, Editor, Publisher 423-507-3911 Driven2Write Amazon Smashwords

C. M. Koenig Author Feral short story

Deborah Koren Author Sha’Daa: Last Call, Sha’Daa: Pawns Amazon

Michele Lang Author Facial Recognition short story Facebook Twitter Goodreads

D. Alan Lewis Author, Illustrator, Editor Nashville, TN (615)579-1156 Author, Illustrator, Editor Blood in Snowflake Garden, The Hawke Girls Adventures Twitter Amazon Facebook Audible Editor at VooDoo Rumors

Philip Ligon Author This Strange Engine, Vol. I This Mysterious Engine, Vol. II Facebook Amazon

Faina Lorah Author/Illustrator 360-953-6716 Facebook Twitter Pinterest Tumblr Instagram Deviantart Etsy

Marina J. Lostetter Author Rats Will Run short story Amazon Facebook Twitter

Traci Loudin Science Fiction & Fantasy Author The Last of the Ageless: A Post Apocalyptic Adventure Twitter Facebook Amazon Goodreads

Jordan MacLean Author Sword of Hemlock Lords of Syon Saga book 1 For Renda of Brannagh, born and raised to be a knight, peace doesn’t sit well. Gone is the confident commander in charge of an army. In her place is a woman crude and foreign, a knight in masque as a noblewoman. She wishes for nothing more than to returnto battle.

Until her seven year old niece goes missing, setting off a chain of events that leave Renda longing for the peace so ardently scorned.

Renda and her knights fight to save the kingdom from a faceless enemy bent on the ruination of Syon. But through it all, she struggles to combine Renda the knight and Renda the maid, to learn what she lacked, in order to come into her own. Amazon Twitter Facebook

Terry Maggert Author The Forest Bull, Mask of the Swan “Three lovers. Two demons. One problem.” Amazon Facebook

Mallory Makepeace Author Sha’Daa: Last Call, Sha’Daa: Pawns, Sha’Daa: Facets MoonDream Press

Geoffrey Mandragora Author The Thunderbolt Affair “What you will be working on is underhanded, unfair, and damned un-English.” 1887 The British Empire is in danger of collapse and teeters on the brink of war with the Kaiser Reich. Spies and saboteurs play at deadly games in the British shipyards as each side seeks naval superiority. Ian Rollins is collateral damage in their shadow war. The “accident” and his grievous injuries are about to bring his naval career to an ignominious end. But with the aid of a former Pinkerton detective, a clandestine agent for the Admiralty, a brace of Serbian servants, and one, mostly sober valet, he might survive. If he can master the skills necessary to command the world’s first fully operational combat submarine, the HMS Holland Ram, and protect the secrets of the Thunderbolt.

Geoffrey Mandragora is the pen name for Brent Mehring. He is currently completing three of rehab following a twenty year addiction to historical re-enactment. After decades of arguing with people about what is “period,” his first novel, The Thunderbolt Affair sets the argument, “What is Steampunk?” His obsession with minute details of abandoned technologies and outmoded social behavior often leads to production hours lost to research, followed by long chapters of “I researched it, you have to read about it.” To which his editor replies, “Not necessarily.” Amazon Facebook

John Manning (deceased) and Forrest Hedrick coauthors of Black Stump Ridge Amanda Carlyle’s arrival forces Fred Kyle out of seclusion with the realization that he must send back the evil he and his friends accidentally released. Available from iUniverse Amazon Barnes and Noble Sha’Daa: Pawns

Logan L. Masterson Purveyor of Wonders (Sadly, Logan, one of my convention author friends, lost his battle with his inner demons. His books are still available on Amazon thanks to his wife. He is sorely missed by all who knew him.) Amazon

Mary Brunini McArdle Author The House Near the Covered Bridge short story

Hannah McKee Author Instagram Twitter Facebook

Edward McKeown Writer and Editor Science Fiction, fantasy, Non-fiction 5409 Willow Run drive, Charlotte, NC 28277 (704)562-5371 Was Once a Hero, Sha’Daa: Last Call, Sha’Daa: Pawns Amazon Facebook

R. Thomas McPherson Author New Atlantic Industries The Veterans of the Psychic Wars

Tammi A. Miller Writer of Science Fiction and Fantasy Twitter

Jared Millet Author Hurricane Season short story Facebook Twitter

J. H. Moore Author Elves, Fairies, Dwarves …and Goblins …They’re all around you! Come join us on the adventure! Oh yes …there is also the occasional Vampire! Look for on Facebook!

T. J. Morris 678-982-5315 Author of The Cathedral and coauthor with Glenn Price of Heaven’s Gate

Samantha Murray Author Interstices short story Amazon

Bobby Nash Writer@Large Writer of novels, comic books, short stories, graphic novels, and more. Twitter Facebook

Morgon Newquist Author Heroes Fall Download your FREE copy at: and enter code KZV-CXV-RRK Amazon Goodreads The Silver Empire BookBub Audible Pinterest Twitter

Russell Newquist Author War Demons When he came home …so did they Download your FREE copy at: and enter code WBC-JJQ-KNM Facebook Twitter Amazon Goodreads The Silver Empire BookBub Audible

Lin Nielsen Author Shades of History short story

Christopher G. Nuttall Author First Strike Facebook Amazon

Elaine C. Oldham Author, Artist A Tale of Winter, Minstrel Fair comics Facebook

Stephanie Osborn the Interstellar Woman of Mystery Science Fiction Mysteries including the Division One series, the Displaced Detective series, the Cresperian Saga and more! (Seriously guys, I wish I had HALF this woman’s writing talent!)

Jon R. Osborne Author “Putting an overactive imagination to work” Twitter Facebook Instagram Amazon

pdmac Author Wolf 359 The adventure begins! The ship blown in half, his family murdered, Duncan finds himself stranded on a planet circling Wolf 359. With the help ofthe only other survivor, a beautiful berserker named Alexis, they must come to terms with what it means to survive as they find themselves caught up in the passions and struggles in a new world whose civilization claims to be only 1500 years old. Amazon Facebook Goodreads

Jessica Penot Author The Exorcism of Mary’s House short story Facebook Twitter Instagram Amazon

Rocky Perry Author of the Luke Banderloft series. Twitter Amazon

Joe Petrie Author Member of the Crazy Buffet Club

Daniel Peyton Author/Illustrator Books available on Kindle and Nook as well as in print through most online retailers. Legacy of the Dragonwand Trilogy The Crystal Needle, Wisdom Springs Facebook Amazon

Van Allen Plexico Writer, Editor, Publisher Legion I: Lords of Fire “A non-stop action epic.”~ James Palmer,co-creator of Monster Earth “Dune as written by Robert E. Howard.”~ Ron Fortier, Pulp Fiction Reviews White Rocket Books, Avengers Assemble visit my author page at

Louis Puster III Author of the dark fantasy series: The Saga of Ukumog Twitter Facebook Amazon

Honor Raconteur Author/Publisher Raconteur House The Advent Mage Amazon Facebook Patreon

Ellie Raine Author The NecroSeam Chronicles Necromancer Epic Fantasy Willow of Ashes Pro Se Press Twitter Facebook Amazon Patreon

T.D. Raufson Author Legacy of Dragons: Emergence In Legacy of Dragons: Emergence, T.D. Raufson introduces the Schwendemann family and their new matriarch, confused, twenty-something Melissa. Along with her inheritance of the family manor she also inherited the responsibility for the secret of the dragons’ disappearance.

As it becomes quickly clear that Melissa is not prepared for her new responsibility, an even more critical problem emerges when the dragons return. To avert an ancient war, she has to figure out why dragons were originally imprisoned before they take their revenge on who they believe tricked them — the entire human race. Createspace Amazon Twitter

ReelFun Studios Carie Varner, Ryan Faricelli Paintings, Prints & Prose Earn discounts and free art at Patreon Now streaming on TwitchTV Colorful Tales of Dreadful Dolls a coloring and story book for adults Facebook Instagram Twitter

Kelle Z. Riley Author The Cupcake Caper Undercover Cat series Science is about solving puzzles. Why should solving a murder be any different? Dr. Bree Watson (aka Gabriella Catherine Mayfield-Watson) is comfortable solving chemistry problems. She isn’t comfortable finding her boss dead and being a suspect in his poisoning. Now she’s jugglin: A sexy marketing manager — who may or may not — be a contract killer; A handsome lead detective whose interest goes beyond the case; The dead man’s cranky cat; A goose-chasing dog in hot water with an animal rights group; The search for the perfect cupcake recipe; And, of course, someone who wants her out of the picture. And she thought getting a Ph.D. was hard. “Kelle Z. Riley’s appealing new mystery series has it all — a plot full of twists and turns, a super smart sleuth, and a smidgen of romance. Cupcake baking scientist Dr. Bree Watson has both a sense of humor and a gift for solving puzzles. This likable heroine will lure the reader in with her intelligence and capture them with her charm.”~ Denise Swanson New York Times bestselling author of the Scumble River and Devereaux’s Dime Store mysteries “…a finalist in the (RWA) Golden Heart contest — and deservedly so!”~ Scribes World “Riley does an excellent job of setting the pace …I’m going to look for more books by [her]”~ Romance Divas “…one of my ‘best [of the year]’ reads …”~ CK2S Kwips and Kritiques Amazon Twitter Instagram

WJR (William Joseph Roberts) Insane Squirrel Wrangler/Writer/Storyteller ShaDaa Toys Amazon Goodreads YouTube Twitter Facebook Instagram Tumblr

Keith Robinson Author

Lindsey Robinson Author Sugar Baby short story Goodreads

Tom Rogneby Blogger 502-235-8064 DaddyBear’s Den