An Introduction to Waves of Darkness


Blood Curse is the first book in this series about pirates that aren’t nice and vampires that don’t sparkle.

Known as Bloody Vik Brandee, Viktor Brandewyne had a reputation as a bloodthirsty pirate. The world would soon learn just how bloodthirsty he had become. Thanks to the vengeful curse of a powerful witch, he had become a vampire. However, since he was cursed, rather than bitten, he was not vulnerable to daylight or holy items. As curses went, he didn’t think it was all that bad, until Mother Celie, his foster mother and a witch in her own right, informed him that the curse would eventually destroy him. Now he finds himself in a race against time to find the seven Sisters of Power and gain some of their magic in order to survive the curse. He is aided in his quest by Hezekiah Grimm, his first mate; Belladonna, a siren and sea witch; and Lazarus, a creature that is sometimes a cat and sometimes a raven.

Blood Curse first saw publication in 2011, and placed 7th in the Horror Novel category in that year’s Preditors & Editors Readers’ Poll. It is available in all ebook formats and in Print-on-demand.

Demon Bayou is the second book in the series.

Viktor Brandewyne’s search for the second Sister of Power leads him to the bayou country near colonial New Orleans. Along the way, he has his first encounter with vampires not made by him, as well as running afoul of smugglers. The black waters of the bayous hold their own danger as well. An ancient demon guards the way to the Sister. Worse, the siren Belladonna begins to die in the swamps. Should Viktor return the siren to the sea or continue on to the Sister? Without magic from all the Sisters, he won’t be able to break the curse that has made him a vampire before it destroys him. Without Belladonna, he cannot find the Sisters.

Demon Bayou saw publication in 2012, and placed 8th in the Horror Novel category for that year’s P&E poll. It is available in all ebook formats and print-on-demand.

Silent Fathoms is the third book in the series.

The search for the third Sister of Power takes Viktor Brandewyne to Mexico and the devil’s Daughter. She sends him to find devil’s hoof, but doesn’t explain exactly what it is. All Viktor knows is that she will try to enslave him once he brings it back to her.

His quest strands him in the middle of the shark-infested Indian Ocean with no food or water, no wind… and no siren to sing one up for him. Try as he might to reach her, his bond with Belladonna has fallen silent.

Silent Fathoms saw publication in 2013, and placed 4th in the Horror Novel category in that year’s P&E poll. It is available in all ebook formats and print-on-demand.

Black Venom will be the fourth book in the series and is due for release as an ebook November 2014. It will become available in print-on-demand early 2015.

Viktor Brandewyne has already faced three Sisters of Power: two tried to enslave him; one befriended him; but Venoma Noir just wants him dead.

Mere Venoma Noir, the fourth Sister of Power, proves to be the most challenging yet for Viktor Brandewyne. She sets him to retrieve an amulet stolen by a notorious slave trader with a reputation for ruthlessness to rival Viktor’s and a talent for black magic. She also possesses the power to turn the siren, Belladonna, against him; and the Sister will use every tool and opportunity she can to kill the pirate-turned-vampire before he can complete his quest.

It’s ALIVE! (Well, sort of….)

Greeting and salutations! Tamara here.

After opening this account two years ago, I am finally getting around to building this blog.

So far, all I have are this post, a nifty new header pic, and my “about” page. It has a contact form and a pseudo-bio and pic as well as a brief mission statement.

This blog will be in a state of construction for quite a while as I learn how to use the many features, so please be patient with me.

Expect new posts about once a week for the foreseeable future. (Although THIS week may see more activity than that, since my fourth book, Black Venom, is due for release in all ebook formats November 1st.

Thanks for reading and check back often. 🙂