Samantha Brumble

Samantha is the youngest child and only daughter of Tobias Brumble.

Only she has ever been able to calm her father’s fits of rage, mainly because of her resemblance to her mother, who died when she was still an infant.

As the sole female in the family, she took on the motherly role for her brothers despite being the youngest. She often forged her father’s signature on notes to her brothers’ tutors to spare them from their father’s wrath and a beating.

When she learned of the captivity of her brothers and her father’s decision to disown them as pirates to save his own neck, she took it upon herself to head to sea disguised as a male in an effort to find the pirate, Viktor Brandewyne, and try to ransom them from him. She was eventually found out by  George Bainbridge, former first mate/quartermaster and now captain of the Shining Star, the ship her brother Zachary was taken from. Unable to dissuade her from her course, he agrees to aide her in her quest.

Samantha first appears in Demon Bayou, the second book in the Waves of Darkness series.

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