In the Dead of Winter


In the Dead of Winter is a mid-winter dark fantasy short story.

Master Torbin feels honored to be accepted to a post at the University of Cordun and eager to get there. His greatest obstacle is the long trip around the edges of the Forest of Narghill. Why is there no route through the forest? No one in the village he stops in on his way seems to know of any path through. The villagers try their best to delay Master Torbin’s departure, at least until the after the Solstice and the Winter Festival. Only one old man claims to know of a shortcut through the forest, and offers to show it to him. He soon learns why no one travels in the Forest of Narghill, especially on Solstice.

In the Dead of Winter originally saw publication in 2012 and is available in all ebook formats. Sorry, it is NOT available in print at this time.



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