Xandricus is an ancient, male siren. Males of the species can take three forms, as opposed to the two forms the females are limited to: human, half-man/half-shark, and great sea dragon.

In dragon form, Xandricus is large enough to swallow a ship whole. In human form, he stands over six foot tall with dark blood red hair.

His mate, Marala, was Belladonna’s sister. After Marala’s death from a vampire attack contracted by her sister, Xandricus tried to claim Belle as his new mate. This led to a destructive feud between the two sirens which was eventually resolved through the Elder’s intervention.

Now, Xandricus is restricted to the Mediterranean and Black Seas. Belladonna is barred from these same waters upon pain of loss of her freedom to the sea dragon.

Xandricus makes his first appearance in The Daedalus Enigma, the sixth book in the Waves of Darkness series.