Holiday Progress Report


As you can guess by the image above, Viktor Brandewyne has been invading my head space again. This is a good thing.

I have gotten a few more agent queries out, which will hopefully help speed the return of the Waves of Darkness books to publication. I have also started brainstorming on the next books/story arc in the series. I currently have about 4 pages of scene ideas and questions which I need to answer for plot development. This will expand.

I am currently writing on the final episode for season 3 of The Adventures of Pigg & Woolfe. It will take me a while to finish, since I want to get the emotional impact just right. (Also, my work schedule plus the holidays are forcing my writing time into a catch-as-catch-can situation. I’ve even developed a lovely pure white streak on the left side of my head near the crown.)

I have edited episode 7, Double Jeopardy, and am pondering the cover illustration. I expect to release the episode sometime in early December. I am also contemplating doing a virtual box set of the first six episodes. I still need to come up with a cover for that, as well. I also need to check into whether or not KDP supports internal illustrations and what’s involved with that. Some of this research will obviously go toward the eventual production of the Season One omnibus.

In non-writing related events, I have encountered for only the second time in my life a rather irritating and bemusing phenomenon. The first time this happened was a few years ago in the same county but on the opposite side of the Tennessee River from my current residence.

I had to work last Sunday, so I didn’t get out that morning to pick up a newspaper. When I did get by a store after work, there were none to be had. I asked at the counter and was told someone had come in that day, as well as the day before, and bought all the papers. The same thing had happened at all the other stores nearby which carry the local paper. I cannot figure out why someone would do this. According to my husband, it continued to happen every day up to Thanksgiving this past week.

The other time I encountered this, whoever did it also stole one convenience store’s allotment of papers from their front sidewalk before the owners arrived to open up.

If they were doing this to amass coupons for Black Friday sales, I would think the limitations on the coupons would work against them. Also, it’s very inconsiderate to people who just wanted the blasted newspaper and comics. I do NOT engage in shopping as a sport. as for why I don’t subscribe to the newspaper, I did shortly after moving in, but more missed deliveries than made deliveries within a 2 month period led to the cancellation of my subscription.  They might have retained my business if they’d offered to have a paper redelivered instead of just offering credit for the missed delivery.

Okay, that’s enough venting for now, and I didn’t let myself lapse into language worthy of one of my pirate characters. Sniff

Sundae Bunnies

No, I don’t have a photo of a bunny to share with you. I did, however, see one run across the parking lot at work this morning.

That’s right, I’m having to post by phone today. I’ll probably be working weekends the rest of the year with the exception of next weekend .

I have not started editing episode 7 yet.

I have started sending out query letters again for Blood Curse, though. I revised the basic query and did more thorough research on the agents I want to approach, including researching their clients.

Wish me luck. I’d really like to get Waves of Darkness back out there.