Jim Rigger

Jim Rigger

Jim Rigger

Viktor Brandewyne’s original first mate became his second blood meal when Viktor was cursed to vampirism.

Born Jim Westin in one of the villages near colonial Boston, he was orphaned at the age of five. Jim soon lost memory of his family or true name as he grew to his teens as a street urchin. He eventually signed on as a cabin boy to the abusive merchant captain Tobias Brumble, proprietor of Brumble & Sons Trading Company.

He and Viktor first met in Savannah, after Jim jumped ship. Both in their teens (with Viktor the elder by a few years), they tried to burgle the same house and fought. They soon became fast friends and the closest thing to brothers either had known.

Fiercely loyal, Jim was often referred to as Viktor’s tom cat; both for his stealthy manner and his fondness for wenching.

Jim makes his first appearance in Blood Curse, book one in the series.

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