Zachary Brumble model Aaron Groben (Model Aaron Groban; courtesy of Invicta’s Art Photography)

Zachary is the eldest of Tobias Brumble’s three children and one-time heir to the family shipping company, Brumble and Sons, out of Boston.

The erstwhile captain of the Shining Star was taken captive by Viktor Brandewyne and impressed into service as a navigator aboard the Incubus. At first he harbors dreams of escape, but soon abandons them. He finds that piracy agrees with him. Also, he learns that his younger brother, Thomas, has been made a member of Viktor’s small cadre of vampires.

His one true fear is that their sister, Samantha, will succeed in finding the Incubus in her quest to ransom them from the pirate.

Zachary makes his first appearance in Demon Bayou, the second book in the Waves of Darkness series.

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