Sarina Chance / Ariansa Fortunata

Sarina/Ariansa on the left

Sarina Chance is the outlander alias used by Ariansa Fortunata. She and her fraternal twin, Andrieka, are scions of one of the founding families of Tunilia, a secret, hidden enclave of scientists, engineers, and researchers.

Unrest in the enclave has begun to grow. Ariansa’s position, both politically and as leader of the Ghost Riders, leads one faction to view her as a threat to their plans. She is attacked while performing a routine maintenance detail on the flying island’s ventilation system. Only her emergency parachute, a required safety precaution for all Ghost Riders, saves her life.

Knocked unconscious during the attack, she drops quite literally into the middle of a confrontation between Clyde Pigg’s and Draeyger Woolfe’s airships.