Artist’s Alley


Aren’t you just drawn to Artist’s Alley? Here you’ll find fantastic paintings, drawings, sculpture, and other imaginings.

Aart Amanda Arp, Owner/Artist Instagram Etsy

Aethelynds Attic Valerye McGreevy a multi-media art studio and magical menagerie (She has dragons and other nifty things!) 706-286-4808

Amourable Art by Pat Kenrick Instagram Facebook

Aradani Studios The artwork of the Bielaczyc Brothers Paul Bielaczyc and Michael Bielaczyc (These guys have everything from beautifully fantastical to creepy and disturbing… plus Elf ears!)

Art by Desi desi conrad 423-307-3956 henna and glitter body art private appointments, parties, and more After Care Instructions: Keep paste on skin for as long as possible. Avoid water for 24 hours. Use a barrier like chapstick or cooking oil (not petroleum jelly) before bathing to preserve stain. Instagram Twitter Facebook

Allison Barto Cartoonist & Illustrator Etsy Instagram Twitter Facebook

Bone Shaker Boxes Shannon Truax, Owner/Designer 585-469-4938 Acworth, GA Specializing in Steam Punk Designs custom designs available

Bruce Brenneise Illustration/Concepts Facebook Instagram

Amy Brewer-Davenport Art 423-838-4070 Facebook Twitter Instagram Etsy

Nen Chang Concept Art, Illustration, Low Brow Store Facebook Instagram Twitter Artstation Patreon

Chattacomix Co-op Comics creators, your community has arrived. Collaborate. Critique. Connect with like-minded nerds. Join us. 1st &3rd Mondays every month 6pm Infinity Flux, Hixson Pike

Sarah Clemens creator of Magnus and Loki

Creator Vurei Deviantart Instagram Twitter

Original Cyn Creations Cyn: Artist/Designer 423-321-2691 Customized items for unique individuals. You’re an original! Your stuff should be too! Hand painter Convers, vans, heels, etc. Great for cosplay! Hand etched beer mugs, shot glasses, lava lamps and more! Please visit the website to see pictures of custom creations and pricing information. While you’re there, don’t forget to sign my guestbook! (Sorry folks, it seems her website is down at the present.)

james dawsey 678-429-3407 Shadowchasers Illustrations computer illustrations, original character designs, comics, commissions Facebook Patreon Etsy Instagram

DS Cook Design Dave Cook Graphic Design and Illustration (Unfortunately, the link for his website,, gives a 404 error page not found.)

Andy Duggan Comic Artist/Illustrator Facebook Instagram Twitter Etsy

Kevin Dyer 770-924-2820 Marietta, GA Cast Handmade Paper Facebook

Jennifer Edge and Where to Find Her Tattoo Artist Instagram

Luke Eldridge Wire Sculptor Facebook Pinterest LinkedIn

Ella’s Enchantments Danielle Steely, Artist Facebook

Emberfall’s Plushies & More Custom Plushies, Art, Patches, and More Follow me on Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter, or Deviantart: emberfallplush Facebook updated daily!

Filthy Figments Erotic Adult Comics Created by Women

Fine OK Press ARRO Facebook Twitter Instagram

Genevieve Gaspard Freelance Artist Instagram Deviantart Patreon Twitter

Melissa Gay Sci-Fi * Fantasy * Fine Art Facebook Twitter Pinterest Patreon Instagram

John Palmer Gregg Photojournalist 502-682-0523 storytellers crossroads missions

Kimberly Hackworth aka Dembootsdoesart Does Art Traditional Artist/Live Streamer/Shopkeeper Neo Heart N’ Soul Studio TwitchTV Deviantart Instagram (unfortunately, her website comes up as a 404 error.)

Julia F. Hagerty Twitter Deviantart Instagram Tumblr

Cody Hale Art 615-653-5327 The 23rd annual Ruthies 2017 Awards Winner Facebook Instagram

Mark A. Helwig Illustrator Sculptor (That’s Mark at his booth at the top of this page. Sorry I took so long to put his links on here.)

Keith Heptinstall 423-290-0417 Digital art and Photography Facebook

Jim Humble 303-344-5484 Humble Studios Sculpture, Painting, Digital Graphics Deviantart

Iron Hag Studios Anna Rogers Facebook Blog Patreon Instagram

Patrick Ironwood We found stardust on the wreckage Nature of Reaction an exploration into color, form, and alchemy

Jousting Windmills Productions James A. Schardt Clarksville, TN 931-302-3704 3D Rendering, eBook, CD, DVD Cover Design, and eBook formatting (no link available)

Bryan A. Jones 778 Carter Grove Road, Toney, AL 35773. 256-417-1532 White Bear Fantasies Custom Chainmail, Jewelry & Fantasy Items, and Digital Artist Limited Guarantee: Will repair or replace an item (limited to 2 replace/repair(s) if you, your pet, your vacuum cleaner, or your jeans’ pocket break it ). Send item back in padded envelope with stamped return padded envelope. (Having attempted making chainmail many, many moons ago… with no one to instruct me or any reference material, I have to applaud this man’s patience and skill. He also does some very nifty digital work, something else which requires patience and time.)

Mat Kaminski Illustrator Patreon Instagram TwitchTV Discord

Kidd Commander a Solar-powered Shonen Webcomic! Twitter Tumblr Patreon

Kitty Konniption Tattoo Artist Check Meowt Facebook Instagram Twitter

Michael Kulick Artist 352-682-5783 Fine Art America Instagram

Kevin Kurz Wizard Views Exploring the landscapes of Harry Potter custom paintings. Happy Little Tardis Bob Ross meets Doctor Who custom paintings Facebook Instagram Patreon

Leairis’ Artsy Stuff Facebook Teespring

Lenoir City Snake Oil (You’ll have to check out their website. I can’t/won’t try to describe it.)

Ron Logan Event Photographer Chattanooga Times Free Press

Faina Lorah 360-953-6716 Facebook Twitter Pinterest Tumblr Instagram Deviantart Etsy

Amanda Makepeace Fantasy/Nature/Myth fine art and illustrations

Anita S. Moore terrain builder, artist, owner Foofighterubu Wargame Terrain Studio Facebook Etsy

Musetap Studios Tyrine Carver & Wil Woods Art Prints * Original Books & Comics * Commissions Etsy Facebook Twitter Deviantart Instagram Tumblr

mussyhead artist, plush maker & lover of cats Instagram Etsy Twitter Tumblr Deviantart

Mystic Reflections Creations by Caralyn Edwards Tucker (These are the most ADORABLE Steampunk and fantasy themed animal miniature sculptures. More contact info on the Fashions, Accessories, and Cosplay page.)

Teresa Nials Owner Slain Studio Etsy Deviantart Facebook Facebook SmugMug

Notable Scents Music themed candles and scents Dawn Readnour co-Owner 812-593-7506 Tina Walker co-Owner 865-712-4423 Facebook

Paintings by Dimitri Dimitri Walker, Artist Originals, Prints, Buttons, and Tile Coasters Facebook Twitter

David Lee Pancake 317-941-3149 Sculptor Facebook Etsy Twitter Pinterest Deviantart

John Picacio  Artist/Illustrator (Hugo winner!) Loteria Lone Boy

“Pearson”ality Chainsaw Carving Steve Pearson 423-762-2658

Phos’dren Productions Laura and Roy Perkins, Owners Celebrating Video Gaming Through Art

Pollack Illustration Alan Pollack 607-593-6225

Pretty in Paint Allison Lee Illustration & design Patreon

Red Wolf Studios Kate Ireland Facebook Twitter Tumblr

Rachel Rieckenberg Pyrography and paint artist Live on Twitch as RococoRachel

Seasons Original artwork, ceramics, prints, and photography by Ellie Pickett 423-775-9569(sorry, no link available)

Tim Smith Artist Fantasy * Comics * Portraits * Steampunk * Classic Horror * Sketch Cards Facebook Deviantart Instagram

Tony Sobota 865-776-6626 fine art, caricatures, parties

Spray Art Graphics Brandon Sutton, Artist 423-284-3237 Facebook

Katie Struk Artist/Illustrator/Educator Instagram Facebook Twitter TwitchTV (Nifty cat illustrations!)

Ernie Suggs Cartoonis/Illustrator/Photographer He draws stuff And takes photographs I hear he’s a pretty cool guy Deviantart Twitter Instagram Faceboo

tokki darling j. steelman artist//crafter//alabama sweetheart Etsy Patreon Twitter Instagram Tumblr

Charles Urbach Illustrator Facebook Deviantart Twitter

Travis Vaught Etsy Deviantart Instagram Facebook Twitter

Chris Wade Artist Lowe Mill Arts & Entertainment, Studio 2052 256-783-3601 Instagram Facebook Pinterest

Melissa Hui Wang is honored to meet you! She is an artist living in Atlanta, GA. She is also known as MUDDYMELLY English/Chinese OK! Deviantart Facebook Twitter Instagram Tumblr TwitchTV Patreon ArtStation Pixiv

Derek Whitaker Ink Louisville Spray Paint Artist Facebook Instagram

Derek Yaniger Facebook Instagram Twitter

Yuzuki Art Janiece Stevens Illustrator/Artist Deviantart Facebook Tumblr Instagram Twitter

Zakuro Media Zenko, artist/author TwitchTV Facebook Twitter Instagram

Zandoria Studios Will Sutton, Design & Animation 8228 Witherow Way, Ooltewah, TN 37363 423-899-5408