Chattacon Schedule and Library Pic

I’ve updated my Appearances page with my schedule for this coming Chattacon. I will have 8 full sets of books from the Waves of Darkness series available at my table in the Dealer’s Room, and will be sharing a table with A.G. Carpenter.

As promised, a pic of my new library. 004.jpg


The books stacked on the table are duplicate copies I found in my collection. I have two copies each of The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain and Sherlock Holmes and the Mummy’s Curse (both signed) by Stephanie Osborn. I have THREE copies of The Complete Fairy Tales by the Brothers Grimm.



Advice To Self-Published Authors

Reblogging both to share the advice and to make it easier for me to find again.

Cereal Authors

instagram_9a796db7c8 Image via Pixabay

In 2009, I decided to become an author, unfortunately, I had no idea what kind of journey I was signing up for.  As I threw my hat into the race, publishers were closing left and right due to the Great Recession.  Also, Amazon had just started challenging the U.S. publishing industry by creating the Kindle e-reader and their Kindle Direct Publishing company.  Now in 2018, the publishing industry has changed so much, today, many authors are choosing to go indie and major publishers are being even more selective about what they acquire.  So what would I say to an author just starting out today?  Well, I gathered some of the best advice I could and decided to publish it all here.  Hopefully, you too will pass it on to the next generation of newbie authors who don’t have a clue about how the publishing thing works.

  1. Educate…

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New Year New Beginnings

house before 1

I hope 2018 will bring good things to all of my fans and followers as well as to myself, family, friends, and coworkers. Happy New Year!

I’ve just completed my first month in my forever home. (The lawn furniture left with the previous owner, but that’s okay.) All my adult life I’ve been a renter. Finally, I have a place of my own.

The new (to me; the place is 40 years old) house is not the only new beginning I’ll face this year. At work, I’ll be going on permanent night shift. I volunteered for it when we voted to have non-rotating shifts.

Around February or March, I will be releasing the first episode of The Adventures of Pigg & Woolfe under the aegis of Steele Rose Press.

Steele Rose will be my personal, self-published imprint, which I plan to run as professionally as I can. Friends from my AB:VH fanfic days will know the story behind the name for the publishing venture. This is a new venue for me, so I ask for your patience as I learn the ropes. (There will be MUCH brain-picking of other indie and self-pubbed author-friends at conventions this year.) As I get things in place, I will set up shop on this site or possibly build a separate WordPress site just for the publishing.

I have the first couple of episodes of TAoPaW out to an editor-friend who was soliciting free editing in exchange for permission to use samples in their portfolio (she has since received more than enough manuscripts to keep her occupied for some time, so the offer has been closed). Lori Alden Holuta is also the author of a series of Steampunk YA stories set in Industralia; specifically, the city of Brassbright.

Another change to this site I plan on is going through the con swag I’ve picked up over the years and highlighting the authors, publishers, artists, musicians, and others whose cards, bookmarks, postcards, and such which are in my collection. After all, isn’t advertising/marketing the purpose of such items? I haven’t made up my mind yet what frequency these types of posts will have.

There are a few more new beginnings I will announce later in the year. I still have some serious prep to do before I can reveal what I’m up to.

Next week, I will post pictures of my new library (formerly a dining room; but I don’t USE a dining room, and haven’t for decades). Here’s what it looked like before we bought the place.

house before 9

(Yeah, I saved the pictures from the real estate listing for comparison purposes.)

DON’T FORGET TO VOTE FOR MAELSTROM OF FATE FOR BEST HORROR NOVEL IN THE PREDITORS AND EDITORS READERS POLL! Voting closes on January 14th. Current standings have the book tied for 9th place. I think we can do better than that, and I heartily thank you for your support.

Also, don’t forget I will be in the Dealers Room at Chattacon, January 19-21. I will have multiple copies of all seven titles in the Waves of Darkness series available, and will be more than happy to sign them. Chattacon has a new home this year, BTW. They are now housed at The Chattanoogan hotel.


Merry Christmas and an Update


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! Had my picture taken with the Salvation Army Santa bell ringer outside the grocer just 5 minutes from my “new” (40-year-old) home a couple of weeks ago.

My office/studio is getting in shape. I was a bit irritated to have to order a new power cord for my printer (which will not arrive until next week/year). Guess I should have unplugged it from the device before I boxed it up to move. The plug prongs broke off. Thanks to a pair of tweezers, I was able to extricate them from the printer’s receptacle. I still have a lot of organizing to do in here; but most of the stuff is unpacked, at least.

I’ll soon have a proper library! There was room in the den for the eating table and chairs, so bookcases will be going into the dining room. No more books piled on the floor (for now, at least).

Speaking of books… Maelstrom of Fate is in the running in the Horror Novel category for this year’s Preditors and Editors Readers Poll! Be sure to place your vote! The six previous titles in the Waves of Darkness series have placed in the top ten during their respective years. I would dearly love to see the series sweep as a set.

Maelstrom of Fate proposed coverAlso, if you’re looking for a way to spend that money Grandma sent or the cash you plan to get back from returning unwanted gifts, you could do much worse than buy a copy of one of my books (be it digital or print). Remember, I’ve posted purchase links on each book’s landing page on this site. (Hey, I’ve got a mortgage to pay, after all.)

I hope everyone has had a wonderful holiday.



Wally and Louie hope in vain for a faucet drip.

Changes and adjustments have been made and are being made… and will be made for probably the next few months.

The past two weekends have been taken up with relocating, packing, and unpacking. Stairs are involved. 11 hour shifts have prohibited any progress during weekdays. My office is almost like I want it; just a few more things to bring up from the garage and unpack.

I also finally got around to fluffing the Christmas tree to prep it for decorating. Usually the silly thing is fully lit and decorated by Thanksgiving weekend. That didn’t happen this year for obvious reasons.

The cats are tickled with the new place; although for the first week it was as if we only had the two older boys. The gray babies stayed hidden for the most part. They’ve calmed down now, though.

I’d post more news, but I’m beat right now. Plus, I have to go into work an hour earlier than usual tomorrow morning for some unknown reason. That means I have to get up around 2 am. I am at least half the distance to my job that I was, though.

My biggest non-move related accomplishment today was getting my Christmas cards done and ready for pick up tomorrow.

The Sounds of Silence

Sorry I’ve not posted the past few weeks. Things have been in transition here for me… in a good way, but a very time-consuming and busy way.

In fact, this is just a quick post to let you know I’m still around. I just don’t have much free time at the moment. Much still needs to be sorted and organized… plus Holidays.

I will give a more thorough update when I can.

And not to forget…

Brandon Garrison, a coworker and one of the Red Shirt winners for Maelstrom of Fate, was killed this past Thursday morning in a head-on collision on his way home from work. He leaves behind a wife and two small daughters. My condolences and prayers go out to his family.