The Great Agent Hunt Is ON


Well kids, this means the Waves of Darkness books won’t be back on the market as quickly as I’d originally planned. Rather than self-publishing the re-release, I’m going to make another effort to get them signed with a good literary agent. I already have a few queries out, and plan to keep sending them out until I get positive responses.

I hope to get episode two of The Adventures of Pigg & Woolfe cleaned up for release soon and artwork for the cover done.


In other news, I just learned yesterday that Wally, one of my two ten-year-old cats, is diabetic. We’ve been instructed to not give the cats dry food anymore. The carb levels in dry food are too high, and feline digestive systems simply cannot process them. There’s going to be a lot of research on what to do and not to do for him. I’ll have to teach my husband, who hates needles, how to give him his evening insulin shot. My job makes it impossible for me to maintain the shot-every-twelve-hours routine.


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