Can You Say, “Red Flag”?

Hee! Yesterday I got home from work to find a message from Stratton Press on my answering machine. (Yes, I still use a land line at home. Just like I hand write my rough drafts. I’m old. Deal with it.)

According to the message, they’d sent me an email I had yet to respond to. They were interested in my book Hell’s Dodo.

Just out of curiosity, my husband had worked a little Google-fu on this company. They bill themselves as a hybrid press. They are, according to his research, an authors’ services company, not a true publisher. They get bad marks on Writers Beware, and some not to flattering blog posts about their business practices.

Additional red flags for me:

A. I never queried this company.

B. The representative who left the phone message lied. I checked ALL my email accounts, including one I haven’t used in years, and found no email from Stratton Press.

C. The book mentioned in the message is the 5th book in a series. Seriously?

All I can figure is some of my Facebook posts drew their attention. Whatever. I have no intention of contracting with them for any purpose.

4 thoughts on “Can You Say, “Red Flag”?

  1. “You have 10 messages about to be deleted. Please log in.


    But I am reading this on the service the ‘messages’ supposedly are on.
    Oh, abuse@[REDACTED], here’s a phishing attempt, with the headers for you.

  2. Good thinking! Stay far away from them. If you are looking for a different publisher, try Next Chapter Pub. They even do some marketing. Tweeted.

    • Hadn’t heard about Next Chapter. I was planning on using Fivver for a cover artist, do my own formatting (it’s not that hard), Smashwords for ebooks, and Ingram Spark for print. Still need to do more research before deciding on an audio book publisher.

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