Being Sick Sucks

Apparently it was my turn to get the 24 hour stomach bug that’s been making the rounds at work; this on top of a sinus infection. Woke up barfing about 4 this morning. At least that was the only time. I also have had an on-again off-again fever that has peaked at 100.9 degrees twice today. Fever has broken, and I’m feeling better, which means I should be okay to return to work tomorrow.

I’d planned to start on the cover art for episode 8 of The Adventures of Pigg & Woolfe today, but I’ve spent most of the day in bed.

On another note, I’m almost through with the first draft of a comic/horror short story I plan to submit to Voodoo Rumors for hopeful inclusion in an anthology to help raise funds for HallowCon. I’ve titled the story Ghost of Honor. I’ve been writing on it for just a little over a week, which is probably the fastest I’ve ever written a story. If it isn’t one of the stories selected for the anthology, I may look into self-pubbing it, with HallowCon’s permission (since it mentions the convention and its owner as part of the theme).

Right now, I think I’m gonna take some cough syrup and go to bed.

One thought on “Being Sick Sucks

  1. Get well! You can just change the name of the venue and the man in the short story if you publish elsewhere. Glad you’re better.

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