Chattacon Schedule and Library Pic

I’ve updated my Appearances page with my schedule for this coming Chattacon. I will have 8 full sets of books from the Waves of Darkness series available at my table in the Dealer’s Room, and will be sharing a table with A.G. Carpenter.

As promised, a pic of my new library. 004.jpg


The books stacked on the table are duplicate copies I found in my collection. I have two copies each of The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain and Sherlock Holmes and the Mummy’s Curse (both signed) by Stephanie Osborn. I have THREE copies of The Complete Fairy Tales by the Brothers Grimm.


2 thoughts on “Chattacon Schedule and Library Pic

    • Yeah, Chattanooga has a large multi-fandom community, even if the local paper doesn’t print anything about the conventions ahead of time to let newbies know. I found out about my favorite con, LibertyCon, the last day of the convention the year before my first attendance; because they didn’t run a story on it UNTIL the Sunday paper. There are a few conventions I don’t or haven’t attended yet. I can only spare so much time off a year. Have to save my other days for emergencies and doctor appointments.

      The library would be bigger, but a LOT of books got left behind in Georgia back before I moved down to Orlando. I had a TON of Anne McCaffrey and Star Wars books.

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