Wally and Louie hope in vain for a faucet drip.

Changes and adjustments have been made and are being made… and will be made for probably the next few months.

The past two weekends have been taken up with relocating, packing, and unpacking. Stairs are involved. 11 hour shifts have prohibited any progress during weekdays. My office is almost like I want it; just a few more things to bring up from the garage and unpack.

I also finally got around to fluffing the Christmas tree to prep it for decorating. Usually the silly thing is fully lit and decorated by Thanksgiving weekend. That didn’t happen this year for obvious reasons.

The cats are tickled with the new place; although for the first week it was as if we only had the two older boys. The gray babies stayed hidden for the most part. They’ve calmed down now, though.

I’d post more news, but I’m beat right now. Plus, I have to go into work an hour earlier than usual tomorrow morning for some unknown reason. That means I have to get up around 2 am. I am at least half the distance to my job that I was, though.

My biggest non-move related accomplishment today was getting my Christmas cards done and ready for pick up tomorrow.


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