Please Stand By

I promise I will post a full report on HallowCon by this coming weekend. 11 hour work shifts and other concerns have had to take priority.

Also, for financial reasons, I will probably NOT be attending ConNooga in 2018. I WILL be at Chattacon; I already have a table reserved in the Dealer Hall. I just don’t think I’m going to be in a position to afford doing two cons that close together next year.


2 thoughts on “Please Stand By

    • Don’t worry; the financial reasons/events behind this are a GOOD thing. Truth be told, I didn’t make table in sales at ConNooga last time, so that made the decision easier. Depending on their guest list and how things are going in February, I may still attend the convention; I just won’t have a spot in the dealer room or be on any panels. It’s local to me.

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