Maelstrom of Fate Update 6 and New Video Reading

This was a productive weekend, if a short one. Hopefully next weekend will prove just as productive, provided they don’t call a Friday night shift.

The current stats on Maelstrom of Fate:

Chapter: 27 complete; 28 started; 28-31 +epilogue left

Page count in current format: 206

Word count: 63,471

It won’t be long until it’s ready to send to the editor.

I also made good progress on The Adventures of Pigg & Woolfe this week during my work breaks. The story ideas began to flow again, now that I’m writing on episode 21. For some reason, episode 20 seemed to drag on sooooo slowly. I’ll probably end up doing heavy revisions to it when the time comes. There was a lot of repetitiveness to bring different characters up to speed on recent events. still, I have the basic story down in the rough draft, which is the point.

Finally, I uploaded the 12th entry of Readings from the Log of the Pirate Ship Incubus on Youtube this morning. I’ve also been contemplating creating a “Meet the Crew” video.

Without further ado, here is the video reading of Belladonna’s First Drink.


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