Maelstrom of Fate Update 5

I’ve been busily typing most of the day and part of yesterday after errands. With 50+ hour work weeks right now, I don’t have time to do much more than work, shower, eat, and sleep during the week.

Things are coming along, and I’ve already made some drastic revisions to a couple of scenes. I still can’t figure out where my brain was to have some characters standing at the aft rail then go to the liquor cabinet. How did they get into the captain’s cabin from there? Fixed that. Other corrections were to keep events or facts consistent with the previous books.

Belladonna still managed to keep her exact age a mystery. In the past she’s mentioned visiting the Library of Alexandria in her youth to study her human prey. In a recent scene, she claims to have been around as a child for the Great Flood and that her kind fed well on the watery purge of humanity. I realize some may see this as an inconsistency, since the library came along a few millennia after the flood. I’ve never actually described how long it takes a siren to reach adulthood, however; so I decided to let that statement stand as is.

I may do some more typing tonight, but I also plan to record, edit, and post the next video in the Readings from the Log of the Pirate Ship Incubus series. I’ll be reading the excerpt titled “Tomcat” in the Convention Reads and Excerpts section of the Readers’ Refuge.

My current stats on Maelstrom of Fate are:

word count: 39,555

pages: 130

I’m on chapter 18. I’m not going to give a paragraph count, since a lot of recent paragraphs have single sentences due to dialogue. I am well into the chapter, however.

I’ve solidified my plans for the summer beach reading ad campaign. Weather permitting, I will scout some locations Easter weekend.


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