Maelstrom of Fate Progress Report 3 & Redshirt Contest Update

First, I have typed through to the end of chapter 9 of Maelstrom of Fate. The page count in its current format stands at 66. The word count is 20,119.

Second, I have an announcement to make regarding the current Redshirt Contest I’m running.

There are still TWO spots available for the drawing. The spot which was awarded to Jonathon Morris in the drawing I conducted at ConNooga has been revoked. Mr. Morris is a coworker of mine and doesn’t seem to realize when to stop with the teasing (like when I am dealing with a genuine issue with the current task and not in the mood for it). The character his name was to be applied to dies too quick of a death to appease my current annoyance with Mr. Morris.

Therefore, his spot is once again available.

The final drawing will be of two names and will still be held at LibertyCon during my first Authors’ Alley appearance.


2 thoughts on “Maelstrom of Fate Progress Report 3 & Redshirt Contest Update

  1. I’d consider it, but I admit to not having read any of your stuff. I do NOT think it bad, mind you, just “not my thing” – and I could be wrong about that. But the To Be Read pile is already.. substantial. (Yes, ox slow.)

    • Understandable. I finally organized my own TBR pile into 4 stacks based mostly on size, but one stack is only the Chronicles of Amber series that I picked up a while back at an estate sale.
      Not all genres are for everybody.

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