Day Late Update

evil-laghThings are about to get REALLY busy.

I’ve been pulling 11 hour days on both shifts with at least half a day Fridays on day shift weeks. (My normal work week is on a 4/10s basis, Monday through Thursday.) My employer has ramped up production demands and just started requiring a full 10 hour shift on Fridays on BOTH day and night shift.

The upshot for me will be more writing time, since I do most of my writing during work breaks, but far less computer time. I will have to make the most of my screen time, so social media will probably end up being limited to mostly promotional posts.

Why, you ask? I finally started typing up and revising Maelstrom of Fate  this morning. So far, I’ve gotten most of the Once Upon a Tide vignette typed; not a bad start.

I’ve also sent the balance of typed up episodes of The Adventures of Pigg & Woolfe to my main beta readers. I really want to get on it with prepping and shopping around the Steampunk serial.

I promise I’ll have the next installment of my video series, Readings from the Log of the Pirate Ship Incubus posted by next Sunday night. The head cold is almost completely out of my system now.

I fully expect to hit burnout by this time next month. Heh.

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