Random Thoughts

I hate having the creative urge hit when I’m at work, and I can’t DO anything about it. Not only have I gotten off my regular blog posting schedule this year, I have not been able to get time this week to work on the recording portion of my readings videos. Only just today have I managed to snag enough time to collect a few of the static elements: background texture for text, images from the blog media file to denote which portion of the Readers Refuge the chosen selections are posted in, and the font I want to use for the title and captions. I bought music and a video clip of a tall ship this weekend from Pond5.

Next week, I have to take two days off (at least) for one day of jury selection. I’ll be on night shift, and I just don’t see working an 11 hour shift then staying up all day in a courtroom or vice versa. Normally I work 10 hour shifts, but the past two weeks have seen an increase in overtime. When I’m on day shift, I’m pulling a 50+ hour work week. Thankfully, my employer isn’t requiring five-day weeks for night shift (yet), so those weeks only go up to 44 hours.

It is striking me as weird typing this, and I just realized why. I’ve been texting a lot lately, and my computer keyboard doesn’t make little boop noises for each keystroke like my phone does.

I just hope if I do get picked for a jury that the trial doesn’t overlap/interfere with ConNooga. Payment for table space and a membership badge are non-refundable. Still, if it happens, at least it will only interfere with the Friday, not the entire weekend. Never heard of court being in session on Saturday or Sunday.

I still haven’t heard if I’ll be on any panels or not. If not, I can spend most of my time at my author table. It’d be nice to not have to bring books back home.

I have acquired a new fan at work in my former department (I was transferred to the prep line from hang-on-parts back in October). This was a direct result of my campaigning for The Daedalus Enigma during the P&E Readers’ Poll. One of the new hires is an avid reader and checked out the books. He’s already on Silent Fathoms and trying to get his wife hooked on the series!

I need to wrap this up. I need to shower and go to bed; and we’re also starting to get the leading edge of a severe storm front…. I think the shower might have to wait until morning. Crud.



5 thoughts on “Random Thoughts

  1. No way could I keep those kind of hours anymore. When I did, I had very little time for writing, but then I was also the care giver for my Mother-in-law. Cheers for you stamina!

    • To be honest, I do the majority of my writing during my 10 minute work breaks. I get 3 of them during a regular 10 hour shift and 4 during an 11 hour shift. I’ve taken to working on reading down my TBR stack during my lunch breaks, since it’s easier to read and eat than write and eat.

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