Happy Christkwanzukkahsticeadanivus!

3 thoughts on “Happy Christkwanzukkahsticeadanivus!

  1. Christmas… Kwanza… Chanukkah… Solstic… ???.. Festivus

    Alright, that is the ‘ADAN’ supposed to be for? Ramadan would be one guess, but that seems to wander well away from the general date(s) of the rest, even Chanukkah which itself wanders.

    • It is Ramadan, which I know is a good month or more before the Christmas season, but at the time I made up the word, it was the only Muslim holiday in the general seasonal window I knew of. I did this as an expansion of “Christmukkah”, which I was introduced to by one of my Merry Maids customers in central Florida who was Baptist married to a Jew. The children were raised inter-faith.

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