The rewrite of the final chapter is moving along. The characters are making themselves heard now; and I like the feel of the scene much better.

I think part of the problem with the first attempt at this chapter was it involved characters who haven’t been on stage for the entire book. That means I haven’t written them in over a year. I just needed to spend a little time with them again to get reacquainted.

There have also been some revelations of how things fit together that I didn’t get until my characters got them, as well. I love how the subconscious works.

In the coming new year I will be putting up some fresh free reads in various spots of the Readers’ Refuge section of the site, including the Once Upon a Tide from The Daedalus Enigma. I also plan a near future post (maybe Christmas weekend) about a problem with the rules governing vampires in the Waves of Darkness universe and why one in particular doesn’t seem to apply to the vampire pirates in Viktor’s cadre when it does apply to other vampires. I like the reasoning which presented itself to me, and I hope you will also.


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