Approaching Endings… and Beginnings

Yeah, I know that title sounds ominous. Don’t worry, I’m not going anywhere and neither is this blog.

The approaching ending I refer to mostly is that of the rough draft of Maelstrom of Fate. I anticipate finishing this draft sometime this week. I am currently writing the final chapter (with a possible epilogue). Once I finish this book, I will have finished the main storyline arc of the series.

I do plan to write further books with Viktor and crew featuring as the main characters, but that is a few years down the road. Understand that these characters have been my companions since I started working on the research and story concepts for the series back in 2006. We need a break from each other, and I have several other projects which have been back-burnered in favor of my pirate-turned-vampire.

Primarily, I intend to add episodes to and continue to polish The Adventures of Pigg & Woolfe (my Steampunk project) in preparation for shopping the serial to publishers. I also plan to seriously delve into research for There Is No Arizona (my dystopian project). I NEED to get that book written while it is still ficticious (before these twits we keep electing or re-electing can make it reality, in other words). Eventually, I may revisit my fantasy novel A Dream of Water, but it isn’t really pounding on me, nor are a few short story ideas which have been floating around in my head for a few years now.

Add to all that the fact my husband has proposed the idea for an illustrated children’s book with the potential to go series that I agree might prove a commercial success.

I’ve also considered reopening my long-ago shuttered Steel Rose Gallery and get back to illustrating, fan art, and portrait commissions. I’ll have to check into a few different platforms to see what would be the best fit for what I have in mind. The old one was on I will NOT be using that one again (if they even still exist, it has been that long ago). They held my site hostage for exceeding the allowed free bandwidth (it got too much traffic). The site would be shut down most of the month a lot of the time, because I refused to pay for more bandwidth.

If I do go ahead with the gallery, I’ll have to rescan a lot of the artwork. The old files were stored on the old Mac of the site’s former webmistress; ergo, I doubt she even still has them. (I didn’t have a scanner back then, was using an old refurbished PC, was NOT tech savvy in the least bit, was still writing AB:VH fanfic directly into email for a Yahoo group, etc.)


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