Print Book Update and Fun With Giant Spiders!

I’ve received and approved the .pdf galley for the print version of The Daedalus Enigma from my publisher. I’m just waiting for the print edition to be uploaded to the printer.

Since this book is considerably longer than the previous books in the series (about 20-30k words longer), the retail price for the print version will be $16.99 USD, one dollar higher than the other books. Pricing is controlled by my publisher and the printer. I only have control over any special sales I may run at the various conventions I attend/sell at.

Which reminds me, I still need to preregister for ConNooga. I’m just waiting to hear back from the chair of the writing/author track about available panels and whether or not they will be providing authors’ alley tables. If not, I need to see if any table spaces are still available to buy. If not, I’ll go back to book pushing with a few copies of each book loaded into my roller bag.

Now for the Fun With Giant Spiders segment of our program! Arachnophobes need not read below this point.


Spider Girl by Bloodfang15 ~ Deviantart

Oh wow! I didn’t dream I’d find such a perfect illustration for what I pictured in my head.

I’m sure many of you have heard the term “Jumping the Shark” in reference to when a TV show crosses the line of having even semi-plausible plotlines. My husband has a similar phrase for movies or books which just don’t pan out in the end, where apparently the writers copped out: “Giant Spider.” This originated from his reaction to Stephen King’s It.

Well, just for shits and giggles, I decided to incorporate a giant spider of my own into The Daedalus Enigma. Only I made sure that it was plausible within the parameters of the storyline and actually fairly early in the book rather than a cop out ending.

Have fun finding her and learning how Viktor deals with her.

mwahahahahahahahahahahaha! evil-lagh




3 thoughts on “Print Book Update and Fun With Giant Spiders!

  1. I can’t see “giant spider(s)” and not think of the 1970’s film The Giant Spider Invasion, which got the MST3K treatment. The interesting and amusing thing for me is that it takes place in and around Gleason and Merrill, WI. The “rock shop” was, then, Merrill Monument Co.[1] (tombstones, mainly) owned & operated by a friend of my father. I recall hearing, during the time it was being filmed, criticism of the dialog. This film was released in 1975, so that might have been in 1974 or 1975, so I was 7 or 8… and even then I got how bad some of it was. Diamonds with “too low a carbon content”? Really?

    I once took a tape (was a while back) of the MST3K-ed version to my folks and we watched it. If you think the MST3k people were sniping, that was nothing compared to the backstory I got about the film and its making. It was actually even cheaper and messed up than it looks.

    [1] Last time I visited Merrill, the building had been converted to some version of a health food store, but the old paint on the side of the building still faintly proclaimed its history.

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