eicher001a (I LOVE this painting of Ms. McCaffrey!)

The following was my very first blog post ever… on a different platform which turned out to be totally inadequate to my needs as an author and was subsequently abandoned. (I have edited/tweaked the entry to clean it up a bit.)

Nov. 25, 2011, Black Friday

I think I finally realize what I want to accomplish as an author. I wish to be a builder of worlds. Somewhere in the back of my mind, I’ve always known this.

Since having my first novel, Blood Curse, published by Gypsy Shadow Publishing earlier this year I have been plunged into the literary world. I have found myself meeting people I never hoped to meet outside of a book signing or a convention. And, I have made friends. I hope to make more.

Back to world building, however, this reality has just lost one of the greatest world builders it has ever known. Anne McCaffrey, one of my favorite authors as well as one of my greatest inspirations to write, passed from this realm earlier this week. She gave us multiple worlds to explore and enjoy. She will be greatly missed.

Sadly, I never really had the chance to know her as a person. I have only seen her twice in person. The first time was at DragonCon 1989, back when it was still a relatively small con relegated to one hotel rather than the sprawling monstrosity it has become. I was 23 at the time and too star struck to get up the nerve to go talk to her. The second time was at a book signing at a small used bookstore in Longwood, FL known as Legible Leftovers and the Cat’s Meow (“Books on cats and everything else. Cats on books and everything else.” It is nolonger in operation.) There, I was able to speak briefly with her. Very briefly.

Still, I do have Ms. McCaffrey to thank, in a roundabout way, for my book being published. Not only did her works inspire me to write as well as provide a guide on good characterization, but she cowrote two series of books with Elizabeth Ann Scarborough. When I was still looking for a publisher (a four year journey, as it turned out) I saw that a friend of mine, who was already published under the pen name Beth Wylde, had listed Gypsy Shadow’s FB page on her “likes.” I went to their page and found the link for their website. This was 2010, and I had already been shopping my book to agents then to traditional publishers that didn’t require an agent. It was time to look into epub. My research showed them to be a small indie publisher. There was praise from some and pans from others for them. What sold me on querying them was the news that they had just contracted with Elizabeth to epublish her early titles that the rights on had reverted to her.

I figured that if they were reliable enough to land a big name author, they were worth the risk.

So, thank you, Anne McCaffrey and Elizabeth Ann Scarborough, for inspiring me and gaining me the chance to become another Builder of Worlds.


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