November 10, 2016 The Daedalus Enigma will go live as an ebook! I still do not have a release date for the print edition.

The first availability will be through Smashwords. Amazon and Barnes & Noble will follow at their own pace. Both sellers seem to take a little longer to go from upload to live link than Smashwords does.

Once the book becomes available in print-on-demand it can be ordered through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Books-A-Million.

I will also have copies of all six titles in the series at my tables at Chattacon, ConNooga, and Authors’ Alley at LibertyCon.

The journey to this point with this book has been a challenging one. Because of heavy work loads, my publisher put me with a different editor for this book than who I worked with for the previous five. The feedback has been both interesting and helpful. I needed someone to point out where I had gotten lazy with my writing and to keep me on track with making sure I maintained continuity and didn’t lose or confuse new readers coming into the series without having read the previous books. She also pointed out a few of my bad habits such as phraseology not in use during the time period of the storyline, or redundant/repetitive wording which could become a distraction to readers.

I ended up having to do two rounds of revisions. We are both satisfied that the final version reads much more smoothly and clearly.

I have fully enjoyed the journey.

Also, The Daedalus Enigma is the longest manuscript I’ve written for this series. Blood Curse, the first book in the series is the only one which comes close to it.

I’m also happy the scene with Xandricus which I figured would get cut out in fact survived to be in the finished book. The Dungeon of Deleted or Altered Scenes will just have to live without it.

I will be sending out .pdf copies to reviewers as soon as I get that version from my publisher.


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