Red Shirt Update and COVER REVEAL


First, I would like to congratulate Michelle Oesterling for winning September’s Red Shirt contest…. She was the only entrant.

I blame my timing of announcing the contest for the lack of participation. That’s the bad thing about posting something on Facebook. If you do so when the people you want to see it are asleep, away from their computers, or don’t check their notifications regularly, it WILL get missed.

That being said, I still have three Royal Marines to give names to. Since this is for the book due out October 2017, I plan to hold drawings for one spot each at the three conventions I regularly attend: Chattacon, ConNooga, and LibertyCon. I will reopen the contests in December for the Chattacon spot to be drawn in January, in January for the ConNooga spot to be drawn in February, and in June for the LibertyCon spot to be drawn at the end of that month. If entrants of the first two drawings so desire, their names will be kept in the pot for the drawing for the final spot.

I will repeat this announcement in December as a reminder.


Now on to the cover reveal for The Daedalus Enigma.

The Daedalus Enigma cover.png

I am surprised the texture of the canvas board shows so much. It didn’t show up that much in the print I scanned in and sent to my publisher.

I am debating making prints of the painting to sell at my table at Chattacon along with my books.


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