Writer’s News


Not to be confused with news writer, which is what I originally intended to be my career many eons ago.

The Daedalus Enigma news:

The manuscript has been with my editor for a while now. The last I checked in with my publisher, there were two other manuscripts in cue for editing ahead of mine, but I should be hearing back about it within a week or two. I’m with a different editor this time around, and she has a different method of editing and working with authors; but I do not foresee this being any kind of problem. If I’m to have any hope of really making it as an author, I have to be able to work with different editing styles.

As far as I know, the ebook release is still slated for later this October. I expect the print version will be available in early November.

The Adventures of Pigg & Woolfe news:

I’ve typed up two more episodes this week and plan to send them off to my beta readers soon.

There are a couple of snags with the primary publisher I wanted to query the serial to, but I don’t plan to let them stop me from doing so anyway. First: since there is no specific guidelines for submitting a serial, I will probably have to follow their short story anthology guidelines. However, none of the episodes are at their 6k word minimum requirement. Their website does mention shorter works will be considered based on quality of writing.

Second: They will not be accepting new series until 2018. However The Adventures of Pigg & Woolfe is an episodic serial, not a book series. So, maybe they will make an exception on that, as well. I won’t know until I query.

If they won’t make an exception, this give me time to add more episodes to the story and/or query other publishers and/or agents.

Maelstrom of Fate news:

The scene/plot point I’m currently working on had me worried it wouldn’t fill many pages. That worry has taken care of it self rather organically thanks to the nature of the characters involved. I only had to ask myself how they would react, and the writing began to flow. Unlike the previous scene with Viktor and Commodore Critchfield, I don’t think I will have to rewrite the scene to fit the characters’ natures.

Lake Effect news:

The anthology I submitted this short story for, The Nameless, is still on the publisher’s back burner. It had originally been slated for publication this year, but the death of the main publisher and subsequent reorganization of the publishing house threw all their projects off schedule. I plan to check in with them periodically to see what’s up.

That concludes my writing news for now.


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