That title is not about selfishness but gratitude. You see, I just realized something about myself this weekend: I am a finder and keeper of lost happy thoughts.

All my life I’ve had a knack for finding little trinkets and treasures in odd and unexpected places. Some of these trinkets were once some child’s happy thought. For instance, years ago while living in Hagen, Georgia (right next to the fruitcake capitol of the World, Claxton, Georgia) I found several marbles in the yard over the span of several weeks.

I’ve found similar happy thoughts where I live now in Soddy Daisy, Tennessee. During my years at my current location I’ve found a broken toy Sherriff’s car, a tiny doll show (which has since started it journey to its next discoverer, since I’ve lost or misplaced it), a doll’s plastic boom box, a tiny plastic goblet, and just yesterday a little plate from a toy tea set with a goose printed on it. I’ve also found several small rocks with various crystal encrustations on them, my sparkle rocks.

I wonder if this gift is why I’m able to keep the magic from childhood alive in myself; why I can almost see Faerie all around me in its parallel existence.

So, when I find things like this, I keep them safe until it is time for them to move on for someone else to find and rekindle the magic.


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