New Character Profile and Cover Art Update

Well, that was interesting. I had to re-add my Waves of Darkness banner to my media library to set it as the featured image for a new character profile page. I don’t recall ever deleting it. For that matter, the available library seemed to be missing several images I know I have not deleted and which are still in active use on this site. Perhaps the fact that both the desktop and the laptop are in use at the same time has something to do with it. (I use an Ethernet cable for the desktop, and the laptop operates on wifi.)

Anyway, I’ve added a character profile for Xandricus, one of the antagonists in The Daedalus Enigma. I used the photo of the portion of the cover art which depicts him in dragon form as his profile pic. I will have to hunt for an appropriate image for his human form to add later.

Which brings me to the cover art update. The cover for The Daedalus Enigma is now two thirds complete. I hope to finish it tomorrow.


I ended up turning my drawing table work light off to get a good photo. It wanted to cast a glaring reflection off the darker shading. Acrylics dry shiny if left undiluted.

I realize it looks a little odd he isn’t looking down at the ship; but, as the reader will discover, his eyesight is not very good in that form.


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