Cover Art Update

Yes, I know this post is a few days late. Below is part of the reason.


I have one third of the cover for The Daedalus Enigma finished. I’m pretty happy with how it’s turning out. The tricky bit has been drawing with a paint brush. I’m used to rigid drawing tools (pencils and pens). Using a flexible tool takes some fine control. I’m just glad acrylics allow for do-overs. I had to paint Circe’s eyes twice to get them right.

The next section I’ll tackle will be Xandricus, the sea dragon. Lastly, I’ll paint Belladonna and the Heart of Hell’s Breath.

Don’t forget about the Red Shirt contest. So far, I only have one entry. That’s what I get for posting it on Labor Day weekend, when half the fannish world was at DragonCon or other conventions. I need a large enough pool of entrants to get four winners; after all, I have four Colonial era Royal marines to kill horribly.

Finally for this week, I am officially IN for Chattacon in the dealer room. I’ll have to check with the programing director closer to the convention to find out if I’ll be on any of the panels.


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