Grace O’Malley and Writing Progress

While I’ve not gotten any typing on The Daedalus Enigma done during the work week, I did make good progress on the first draft of Maelstrom of Fate. That seems to be my current writing pattern: write on book seven at work breaks during the week, and type on book six on the weekends.

I’m currently writing chapter 24 of Maelstrom, with about half my plot points and notes for the book still to go. I’ve gotten four more chapters typed on Enigma this weekend; which puts the document at 197 pages, 28 chapters, or 63k+ words completed. I’ve only 11 chapters left to type to finish the second draft. I made myself stop tonight so I could write this blog post.

I’m at a section of the story which was fun to research. Viktor will have to deal with a fictional descendant of Grace O’Malley, the “pirate queen.” Please, I encourage you to click on the link to the wiki article on her. It makes for some very interesting reading.

I’ve named my fictional descendant Darcy.


Statue of Grace O’Malley on the estate of some of her actual descendants


Rock Fleet castle, one of Grace’s residences



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